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The trait of kindness is one of the most benevolent, but strangely, can also be volatile.
Perhaps it's by our collective hubris that we simply take kindness for granted, as we assume
we are perfectly capable to sharing it. But kindness is deceptive to those who try to wield it,
as it takes a lot of mindfulness and experience to know just what kind of kindness is best.
While it comes in multiple forms, there are some forms of kindness that can leave one
vulnerable to being taken advantage of, kindness that can be an enabler for another's
self-destruction, or kindness that can go too far and spoil the recipient into adopting an
unrealistic standard on others. Sometimes, the kindest thing to do is put aside the
pleasantries, be assertive, and like a true friend, push others in a direction
they don't want to go.

Kindness is plentiful,

But kindness can be tough.

It's not just flowing with the current...

...But staying rooted and asserting others to sustain the right path.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Character design (c) Lauren Faust

Posted under fair use.

Feel free to repost and share. Not to be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use this image for your projects, please PM me via deviantArt note.
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Cubeebcue42's avatar
Wait a moment. Isn't this forest from Ori game?
These are all so stunningly beautiful, they might be the best My Little Pony fanart I've ever seen!
caballero-nocturno's avatar
jmkplover's avatar
My heart just stopped at the overwhelmingly powerful, breathtakingly gorgeous, finely crafted art piece I'm privileged to see here. I can't even form the right words!
LeSupremeDalek's avatar
This art belongs in a museum! I'm 100% serious!!!
julian0123's avatar
Another incredible one :D
TheNeoStrike's avatar
All these are beautiful and a brilliant concept! <3 so in love with it. I'm gonna use these as part of my Adventure of a Lifetime cover (youtube) will be linked here and credited  ;)
Etoile-ardente's avatar
Toutes ces images sont tellement.... Il n'a pas de mot pour décrire à quel point c'est beau... *-*
AphelionMars's avatar
Oftentimes the thing that draws me to a certain picture is the color scheme, and this does not disappoint! ^^
BronySSS's avatar
Makenshi179's avatar
Love what you did with the water flows :)
"spoil the recipient into adopting an unrealistic standard on others."
Yeah, that's one of the dangers... :/
I myself have a lot of kindness, so this description was very interesting to read for me.
Yeah I agree with what you said.
"be assertive", "staying rooted"... I love how you further reflected Fluttershy in those parts :D
Also "flowing with the current", refencing the artwork... wonderful!
In addition to the artworks, your descriptions are art, too! ^.^ And it's SO great!
stevethepocket's avatar
The later ones in this series remind me a lot of the lush scenery in Trine, but this one especially. I need more of this in my life. Everyone does.
RedValentinos's avatar
I love how you put this together. I really do. You took advantage of the rock formations and waterfalls and its perfect.
Pikapetey's avatar
poopie scoobie!! i love you!!
AspieArt's avatar
Wow! Beautiful.
NecromancerKing85's avatar
amazing cool picture
hrfarrington's avatar
I love the lighting in this one ^^
Rosabird5673's avatar
I am not a fan of MLP, but I love your painting! I love Fluttershy though <3
Ghalaghor's avatar
I love these caves. Is there anyone who wants to explore them together with me?
MeowMuffinMC's avatar
That is @(%*#*@ AMAZING!!! Teach me your ways....
alejandra-otaku's avatar
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