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Okay, let's address some reasons why certain villains are not present.

Sunset Shimmer: This poster is for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Friendship is Magic is a toy line, a TV show, and a comic series. All these characters are from one of those three. Sunset Shimmer is not from Friendship is Magic, she is from Equestria Girls. Completely different series.

Iron Will/Flim and Flam: Putting them together because they share the same reason. They are not villainous individuals with malicious intent, they are just super-aggressive businessmen. In fact, to Iron Will's credit, his lectures worked, and did exactly as he advertised. The effect of his Assertiveness Workshops was initially a benefit on Fluttershy. It was Fluttershy who took the lessons too far, and didn't restrain herself. Iron Will, while loud and obnoxious, was never in the wrong and actually proved his worth as one who can build others' self esteem. As for Flim and Flam, they were not so much villains as they were metaphors for the core lesson of the episode; quality stuff takes quality time, and shouldn't be rushed or shortcut.

Diamond Tiarra: She's just a bully, but is not a villain as much as she's just ignorant in her youth. As we see in Family Appreciation Day, her own family is aware of her behavior issues, and is taking steps to improve it.

Prince Blueblood: If brash arrogance and dismal women-skills was villainous, Guantanamo Bay would be fence-to-fence with Redditors.

Anyone Else: Because my line artist didn't draw them. Stop whining; it's really annoying. Jesus Christ, Bronies, calm your khakis.

:icontherealjoshlyman: & :iconvest:

Original Lines by Josh Lyman

Color by `vest

So, we got...Discord, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings, The Great and Powerful Trixie, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity and Angel Bunny.

Have to give *TheRealJoshLyman some credit here, he concocted a most impressive listing of fantastic villains from the My Little Pony universe; perhaps a collection of nice reminder that this isn't the froo-froo tea parties and fashion shows and sing-a-longs of preceding generations of MLP. This stuff's legit. Probably my favorite addition is Nightmare Rarity, as this roster goes beyond the television series and delves into the incredible "has no business being this good" IDW comic series. Gotta give some lovin' to our comic brethren.

Also, as if you guys really need the clarification, Angel Bunny clearly deserves the front and center spot as he truly is the most dastardly of malevolence presented. Oh sure, Discord overturned Celestia and reigned in an age of chaos. Sombra enslaved his own people to satisfy his crystal obsession. Trixie put Ponyville under a dome, Chrysalis broke through a dome, and the Nightmares blocked out the sun.

But Angel?

Slapped Fluttershy.

Over a salad.

Enjoy your supreme position upon the origin of malcontent you horrible, horrible demonspawn.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Character Design by Lauren Faust and DHX Media
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I hate this rabbit