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[Equestria Daily Feature]


So a little sky painting exercise inspired by a Bob Ross video played in *Toxic-Mario's stream compounded into a vicious cycle of wanting to try more and more things and now it's 3am and somehow a pony ended up in the mix.


Always thought Fluttershy and Rarity were best ponies. Yet Daring Do always sneaks into my mind. Guess it's the fact she's the most "open season" kind of character, where you could have her doing any ridiculous adventure-centric thing and it'll fit without an explanation needed.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Character design (c) Lauren Faust

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A thrilling scene! :wow: Artwork and coloring are superb! :winner:
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how cool! i like these daring doo picture and scenes you've put together.
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dragonsponiesStudent Digital Artist
well, there goes the map...
or her lunch i'm not sure. i am sure though about the fact that this drawing is awesome!
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springheelHobbyist Digital Artist
"/&$&$%#&#%&$ SHREK!!!"
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DeDrixEarthOCHobbyist General Artist
Daring: This isnt going to end well. lol Good job
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Oh Daring,

When will i ever see u in a fanfic with Indiana Jones in pony form alongside you?
Daring Do,use the rope.
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AppleJackShamanHobbyist Artist
Amazing, i love the background
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Sorry , DAT FACE . Amazing art work !!
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JwichmanNProfessional General Artist
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Message from Kkat:


Gorgeous and awesome!

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sharperofthefewHobbyist Digital Artist
Getting strange Temple of Doom vibes from this XD
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The-almighty-ragerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the look on Daring Do's face. You never ever ever ever forever NEVER drop a book into a chasm.
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FireHawk421Student General Artist
Not a book. It appears to be a piece of the bridge.
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The-almighty-ragerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I though it was a book.
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DemonPanther's avatar
Darn rope bridges!!!
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“Marelarum… Prepare to meet Babsy… In hell…” :3 :P
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Kali-Mare Ghora de! Kali-Mare Ghora de! Kali-Mare! KALI-MARE! KALI-MARE!

"Ghora" is Hindi for "horse".
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ShimaFoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! =)
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