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[Time Lapse Paint Process]

[Used for 'A New Hero Is Born' by Shurrikane]

[Used for Roleplaying in Equestria]

[Used for The Constant by Sonic Rainboom (feat Faux Synder)]

[Used for Unravel by A Symphony of Two]

[Used for Legacy's Fate by Epic Music Fever[

Push through
Daring Do
You're gonna make it out.

Combination background painting practice and pony drawing done tonight to blow off some steam. Going with my own approach of painting straight up without lines or flats first; just slamming it down as is.

Trying out some additional painting styles, loosening up, unwinding, the usual. Sometimes it's nice to just paint for fun and set everything else aside to refresh the mind.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
Character Designs (c) Lauren Faust

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Oh, this is nice. So dynamic and atmospheric... It's like something out of Skyrim. (: