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Another Day, Another Dungeon...

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Daring Do, beaten and downtrodden by the latest trap laden treasure trove of ancient secrets, makes her triumphant departure from the hearths of Shagyala.

Oh right. It's, umm, a uh, wordplay on Shambhala. You know, the mythical hidden kingdom in Buddhist lore that exists on a metaphysical plane of thought instead of a tangible physical realm.

And Shagya Arabian is a type of horse.

Get it?


Still not amused?


The end result of tonight's very late night stream session, pushing dangerously close to 4am now. Whew. Good morning New York, good morning Atlanta.
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Up next, Shangri-La!
PlotTwistthePegasus's avatar
PlotTwistthePegasus General Artist
Amazing. Just... amazing.
littlesonic1234's avatar
littlesonic1234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
great job. Sound Daring is going another great adventure in store for her.
ephemeral-nothing's avatar
This is going to be my desktop background for awhile. I always like Daring Do cause she reminds me of the kinds of books I like to read.
MyZelda9's avatar
she reminds me of lara croft.  XD   btw, EPIC PICTURE!!!
aemeyer's avatar
I had thought the reference was to Shengrula, the temple of Llamas and kung-fuin Jimmy Neutron for a second...
Cyber-Cake's avatar
Cyber-CakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
What program did you use for this?
younger-it's avatar
younger-itStudent Traditional Artist
I was more amused by the Aw... (in the description) XD

I love Daring Do though :)
And it's a nice pic with a nice theme
TheDreweMaster's avatar
TheDreweMasterHobbyist Filmographer
Great! Looks 3D!
Did you draw it or did you just colour it?
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Nice lighting on the mountains. I also find the persistent scorpion amusing.
Masked-Man01's avatar
Daring Do is cool!
yesmeia's avatar
the scorpion is like help the wind if taking meh away I will I MEAN WONT pinch ya......
vlad1m1r's avatar
Hang in there scorpionbro, hang in there...
yesmeia's avatar
Umm the comment u replayed on I never posted that I must have been hacked
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LilyBlackvoidHobbyist Artist
Ponies are badass!
slayandnight's avatar
Reminds me of just cause 2 because of the scorpion.
frans97's avatar
frans97Hobbyist Photographer
umm... scorpion...... SCORPION!!! O_O
NightmareEclipse's avatar
NightmareEclipseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lara croft pony! Awesome work!
POLE7645's avatar
Sounds like you got inspired by Uncharted 2 (imagines Daring Do facing a ponified Lazarevic (or an Expy or Lazarevic)).

Good job.
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AllurisHobbyist Traditional Artist
The arrows are a nice touch.
Realms-Master's avatar
Realms-MasterHobbyist General Artist
The scorpion... XD I think you should name it. How about George?
GeneralCloudhammer's avatar
>See on EqD
>Few seconds to gape

An excellent work, very evocative of that feeling of adventure.
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