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Miniature Toadstool Tutorial

By vesssper
Finally I'm ready with my first tutorial! This is what I have been doing the last few days, hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

I will show you how to make the beautiful fly agarics (Amanita Muscaria) in miniature. May be some of you have a better technique but this is what I have come up to.

For those who have never made miniatures: don't get scared by the size of my toadstools and all those fingers around, you can use the same technique for any size. However, I recommend starting with a LARGER mushrooms.

If you have a question or there is anything unclear just ask.
And please tell me if you find a mistake! :)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You would better use cornstarch instead of baby powder as some powders contain TALC (like mine - i don't know how can one still make such products) and talc is considered cancerogenic!


The wonderful Picture No.1 is by ~CptCapricious - [link]
Wooden Frame by borealnz - [link]

* Do not upload/post/publish my tutorial anywhere without my permission. Ask me first :]
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Awww these would have looked cute as sin in my fairy garden!!! might have to make a few to add in~ Though after all the mini roses I made... I might make these a bit bigger aha
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adorable. I'd love to try this.
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now make one 10m tall^^
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Hello there! A very good day to you. I found you from deviant art and think it will be interesting to ask if you would like to share your tutorial on our blog? It's a sharing blog for clay art in Malaysia targeting audience specifically for clay, clay artists, and even event organisers who are looking for talents. Posting quality tutorials on our blog will immensely increase your exposure as a clay artist and it'll be a good portfolio for yourself too. All credits will goes to you and at the bottom of the post, I'll put link to your email, blog, facebook, websites, etc. 

Please let me know should you be interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

website :
Contact email :
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Hey there! I wouldn't mind if you post it! I hope you already did and I am sorry for my late reply! <3
Hi There! thanks! But can i request for clearer photos so I can format them into our blog so it fits into our template? We'll credit you at the bottom dont worry. If yes please send an email to

Hope to hear from you! Thanks
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This tutorial has been featured in a journal by our group :iconclay-for-beginners:. You can find this journal here. If you would like me to remove your tutorial from this journal feel free to let me know and I will! Have a nice day! Hi!
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A wonderful tutorial!
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I like it very much! Thanks for your effort! And concratuations for the DD!
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these are wonderful!:) thanks for a good tutorial:)
LaylaX3's avatar
this is so cute XD
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Me wanna eat them >:D
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Fantastic tutorial!
SaphireJames's avatar
Thanks for making this, it's just what I needed! And those are amazing! :D
Saru-AngelicWerewolf's avatar
at what temp do you generally back all your polymer creations? What texture is the final product?
AmynitaMuscaria's avatar
Love the multitude of miniature objects which seems to be inspiring people all over, may have to give them a try :) Would definitely be starting with these. Great tutorial with top imagery, clear instructions and a lovely layout.
thanks so much........must try this.
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I hadn't even thought of making toadstools with my polymer clay..but yours are so adorable and realistic, I might just have to try it! Though I'm sure they'd never be as good as yours are~
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DX i just linked your tutorial to a friend on deviantart, is that ok?
i didnt see the ask first part. DX im sorry.
vesssper's avatar
Of course it is ok! What I meant was forums, blogs and so on but even if so normally I wouldn't mind! :)
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