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Asriel Dreemurr
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Published: December 17, 2015
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Fanart of Asriel from Undertale! What a cool game.
(He actually looks nothing like this. I took a lot of artistic license with his design. :D)

EDIT: Since quite a few people have asked me now, yes you may cosplay this design! And feel free to send me pics of the finished thing, I'm very interested and flattered that you'd choose to make this.

Facebook | Tumblr | <-- Click these for process pics and other fun stuff!
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KunaCanineStudent Digital Artist
This is too Wonderful, your a great artist!
AsrielDreemurr1013's avatar
AsrielDreemurr1013Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I copy your art work? I'll leave in the discription that your the original creator :) I'll do it in By hands :D plz?
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
So so wonderful right here! It's just so....great looking really ah so so great! I'd love to see much more action like drawings from you!
trexbob's avatar
Greetings, I was wondering if i could use this in a video?
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Yes, if you include credit with a link back to my page:
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BlazeKnightDTHobbyist Writer
You have just blown me away, man...

I happen to like this design not just because it looks totally epic, edgy and dark (reflecting Asriel's mood at the time) but also because it's a take on Asriel's most powerful form that I have never seen in fan art before! Most people seem to think (my past self included) that when Asriel's like this, his body becomes segmented and strangely altered, the different pieces only held together by his godlike power. I'm not sure I've ever considered the possibility that maybe he isn't horribly distorted in this "Angel of Death" form, but rather wearing an outfit that represents his role in the Delta Prophecy AND makes him look super cool. Of course, maybe the fact that his sprite is huge in that section of the game gives the implication of a monstrous form (no pun intended).

As for saying that Asriel looks nothing like this, well...I believe I've already said all that needs to be said.
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Thanks for the nice comment! I'm glad you like this interpretation of his design. :D
BlazeKnightDT's avatar
BlazeKnightDTHobbyist Writer
Like it? I LOVE it.

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TnynfoxStudent General Artist
"Do you Hope to kill, or do you Dream about being killed?"
BraginskyWilliams's avatar
It's like halfway between his "Asriel Dreemurr" and "Asriel, Absolute God of Hyperdeath" forms, and really well executed. I love it. 11/10.
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mechagodzilla3Student Artist
Is it alright that I'm using this as my phone wallpaper?
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mechagodzilla3Student Artist
You drew this?
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TheNightmare354Student Digital Artist
I guess medivial much?

its cool though
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BladeFoxfairyStudent Digital Artist
lol XD
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NROrioStudent Traditional Artist
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 I always liked adult Asriel's design, your interepretation looks even better if a bit too much dark for the story, hehehe.

 Keep it up!
Greenhatman's avatar
This is an awesome interpretation of Asriel, becoming darker without crossing the edge into being too dark.
ZePompom's avatar
Very impressive!

This way I find he looks like sort of a badass Dark Soul boss :)
TheGamer2013's avatar
I love this picture! Not only does he look cool, but also really really scary, like a real demon! You would not want to meet this Asriel in the dead of the night.
RainbowFreddy115's avatar
I'm getting bayonetta vibes from this, probably because the halo
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