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Winter Is Coming

Stable Name: Blue Mountain Ranch
Horse Name: BMR's Mississippi Mudslide
Horse Age: 7 years
Rider Name: Heaven Arkwright
Class(es) Entered: Dressage
Country: USA

Show: Wildflower Hill Stables 1st Autumn Event
Dressage #: 31
: 10th

Heaven took a peak into the arena and watched the other contestants before she was to go onto the show herself. She stared at the decorations and loved the paper snowflakes that was hanging from the cieling. She was so nervous. She began to wring her hands over and over. "Oh I don't want to mess up. What if Monkey slips, or misses a beat?" she mumbled to herself. She shook her head and let out a heavy sigh. "Why do I do this to myself everytime?" she asked herself. She always syked her self out before a big show.

She headed back to her room to get ready. She tied her hair up and placed her hat on as she went to braid Monkey's mane. She got everything set on him and lead him to the indoor arena. She climbed onto his back and waited for their number to be called. The music went off and she could hear the crowd clapping and the whistles. The announcer cracked over the mic. They trotted into the arena and waited for their music to queue.

Art by me
Sierra Trotter © Sablewynd / Reynhaart-Stables 
Horse & Rider © Abramova Kseniya from Shutterstock
Vines & Plants brush © Falln-Stock
Flower Brush © kuschelirmel-stock
Snowflake Brush © arsgrafik
Cloud Brush © JavierZhX
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