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See How the Hurtsickle Stays
In our humid perfume, or by it,
the sun steamed the husked prairie hillsides.
My palm in your palm was a plain wren, simple as earth
made dust by a wind—up and up—into unfiltered sky
and your eyes were big as ripe nectarines.
I noticed none of these things, could not smell
the pine for you were a heady pheromone. Our tent
was an idle curiosity, how we would bookmark into it.
There were other sounds than the gauzy rustle of small blue
flowers butting the nylon.
Is it enough to re-remember history? How I pinned
one cornflower, its proud head full of superstition,
right then to your collar. How blue it stayed.
How blue and brimming.
Look, I have planted them in the garden.
See how the hurtsickle stays.
:iconvespera:vespera 22 6
Your Body Warmth Is My Wisdom Worn Commonly
I wait in a womb of Chinese silk, thoughtfully tucked
away from other ornaments, in a dark
where I wait for her
more than she waits for me.
Once, I grew on the soft pallet of a sea of tongues.
Once, I knew the covenant of salt, was built
to protect, to grow hard against
Was it your greed which stole me from safe mouths? Or hunger?
Now, I'm your adornment. Your adored. When I dull,
you take me from your soft skin and acid, and worry
your oils from me.
I have my own rag. My own care.
When I lie in the dark, I cannot even click my spine of nacre.
I make no noise, cannot rustle my truths:
                                          I don't wear Grief, Grief wears me
                                like her mother's pearls
—I am the last on,
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Hey Robot, I Hope You Short-Circuit :iconvespera:vespera 32 90
Bodega Bay Boat Accident by vespera Bodega Bay Boat Accident :iconvespera:vespera 10 0
When I was little, my aunt dreamed of daughters.
On the weekends, she would take me,
my dimples and my temper, show me flowers
blooming in her garden: the ground moist,
yellow pansies and sweet peas taller
than my four feet.
I collected garden toads, plucked one from the soil
then another, and she let me place them
in the old tub downstairs, its white walls inescapable.
I laid there quietly,
their little legs finning the water,
the press of ripples pruning my skin.
I was an empress in new clothes. All my subjects
loved me.
:iconvespera:vespera 97 47
La ventana
In my dream Grandpa My stands in the veranda
across from my apartment—as always, in the shade,
and his linen shirt shows no perspiration from the heat.
I believe we are in dry Madrid where I have not been
for years. He has been dead twice as long, yet here he is:
no death mask and his smile calm. Grandpa! I call.
From my window our eyes meet. Grandpa! It's me!
He remains smiling, but won't return my wave.
In the next dream Grandma Suzy comes to visit,
maneuvers herself through the door of my Piso.
Grandma, I say, hurry! Grandpa's here.
She gives a girlish laugh and comes to my window.
She is seventeen, as she was in Chicago, celebrating VJ
and sipping her first beer. She has no eyes for me.
Grandma, I whisper, why won't he say anything?
He's shy
, she whispers back; he's so tall, isn't he?
:iconvespera:vespera 62 40
Momma, your daughter is dripping down the side of the world, dissipating slowly.
I thought you should know.
At night I hear the police helicopter circling like a fat buzzard, contemplating if it
will kill- perhaps, not kill. It hums as it picks the city clean while I am a sieve,
howling hungry. I gape and gape and run right through the days, thinking: to kill
or not to kill. I thought you should know.
Tuesday rolled into Wednesday and I was caught somewhere between, slipping
through myself. I dreamt of orchards: tart citrus splitting my tongue and bees
working themselves through my hair. Grandpa was there, asking after Grandma,
his shirt, crisp from the iron, eclipsing the fruits. He was no more reachable than
the summers he spent under the verandah, his shirt, crisp from the iron, safe from
the sun. I was eight, treading water, and from the edges: bursting oleander. You
were coming to pick me up, Momma. When I dried off, my legs read: MEAN MEAN!
MEAN and I was balled
:iconvespera:vespera 28 30
Police Box by vespera Police Box :iconvespera:vespera 9 28
Glory Be! March 14th, 2014
I smile as I unravel an e-cigarette from its plastic
and cardboard. You've bought it for me
As if you could dam my mania, my titanic
movements, inside 4 inches of vapor.
Naïve lover mine; naïve lover, who knows me
so well, I love your love that believes
There's a tame me, more than a wildebeest
or the Jenga game played too long,
Ready to fall, you wonder if you'll be it:
that last gap
                   to topple all.
:iconvespera:vespera 15 21
2014 Glory Be! Swap Meet
the year Vic turned 21
his left testicle inflated,
a startling balloon
thing is-
you know the only people
who see things the same for sure
are blind
all truth aside,
he was a Regular Joe,
did Regular Joe things,
wife like a Jane.
Asphalt tamed the west,
brought the tourists with their white socks
and camera straps
There are finer truths. My hair,
for example, is still wound
'round your drain.
:iconvespera:vespera 9 3
2013 Glory Be! Final Project
My 2013 :iconglory-be-project: (minus poems out for publication/pending publication) is now in my
Pages 1-10
Pages 11-20

Pages 21-30
:iconvespera:vespera 4 13
Glory Be! Testimonials
After a year of running the :iconglory-be-project:, which is a group devoted to daily writing (and sharing!), I & the group received a lot of charming feedback. I thought I'd share that with our new & perspective members as we go into 2014
Glory Be has been kind of life-changing for me. Maybe that's corny, but it's very true. & I didn't write every single day...but I think I wrote more than I ever have in my life. And it felt great. Looking forward to keeping this up in 2014 ~haphazardmelody
I'm still gonna follow this group because it's always full of inspiration and encouragement and good writing. ~Meggie272
Well, it seems we've survived another year. We've fallen down 2013 times and gotten up 2014 (more actually). We've gone through so many things, and I want to thank you. Thank you for (existing) teaching me, inspiring me, supporting me, appreciating me, helping me, being kind to me, keeping yourself alive... you all mean the world to me. I wish you a
:iconvespera:vespera 4 12
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Glory Be! Project 2013 Trading List
Here is a list of deviants willing to trade their full Glory Be! Projects (minus, of course, any works which are being held back for publication). Want to swap works? Comment below letting me know, and I'll add you to the list. Want to swap with someone on the list? Feel free to note them. That's right folks, you sign up, then you find your buddies.
If you would like to offer up a hard copy of your "Best Of" instead of a complete Glory Be Journal (like, say, you want to pick your best work(s) from each month and bind it into small books) please feel free to sign up but let us know what you are offering, so I can add it next to your name.
vespera Full Glory Be! (minus my poems out for publication)
If there is someone on this list that you'd like to swap with, but you don't want to sign up for an open swap, that's fine. Go ahead and contact them, but I'm hoping people won't be shy. :)
Remember, if you want to do more than a digital version in our 2013 Final Projects folder,
:iconvespera:vespera 3 26
This, Too
I point to the hair on my knuckle
and you say, “yes, this, too, I love.”
It is longer than the year before, curling
a little farther from my body. I say so
and you say, "I know."
I pull it out to two options: am I angry
that you saw my body betraying youth,
that first little slide, and did not tell me?
Or, do I pat your rounding belly and say,
“yes, this, too, I love.”
:iconvespera:vespera 42 47
Shrouds and Surfaces
& so
you lay there, as if
burst by ash
and savage flowers-
your blue breath greedy
at my throat, stammering
its low-brow daisies
through pale cloth,
through hot air-
& so
sweet daybreak sounded,
her scattered stars souring
against the great platform:
life's looking glass-
to illuminate the void
:iconvespera:vespera 26 44



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