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Sat Sep 15, 2018, 2:39 PM
Confused? Don't worry, so are we! Vesper-End is in BETA phase, meaning our mechanics periodically change, as does our set-up as we try to find the smoothest display for our users. If you're having trouble finding something, feel free to message the group at any time.

We highly recommend joining our Discord, where you can receive quick answers from our staff at any hour of the day!

Hey admins! Where do we find stuff?

Good question!

Looking for something? Can't find it? Check our old Directory - the new page might not be finished up yet.

Vesper-End is the official group where players submit their artwork for the game itself. Our updates journal is also hosted in the group, as well as journals detailing major events.

vesper-hollow is where our staff upload all Vesper Imports (or character reference sheets, for those not into the ARPG scene). This would be our Masterlist account.

atticancensus is our Directory account - all of our important pages are uploaded here, with information about our many features. We also upload our various item art and extra resources (like Import Backgrounds!) to this page.

Welcome to Vesper-End!

Welcome to Vesper-End ! An ARPG unlike any other, players are encouraged to expand on their skills as well as their character as they explore an ever-changing world. Vespers, a canine-based creature of great intelligence, are one of the primary inhabitants of a mostly unexplored continent known as Attica. Players are invited to breed their Vespers to discover new combinations, to develop a character through classes and careers, and to battle monsters side by side as enormous beasts seek to overtake Attica's northern cities.

Masterlist: vesper-hollow

Get Started - About Vespers - Rules & TOS - Submission Guidelines - Discord - Updates Hub - World Map - Attica Bound


With the dawn of a new world and ancient gods, creatures of all size and intelligence began to sprout across Attica - one being the large, canine beasts dubbed Vesper Hounds by those who met them. Existing primarily as feral packs with little organization, early hounds were trusting. This, combined with the greed of rapidly growing empires, led to their slavery as pack mules, as entertainment in pit fights. Vespers were put to the grind in any way thought to be useful, regardless of the creature's thoughts on the matter. Slavery, it seemed, was a reality for far too many across Attica.
Yet fighting for freedom had to be juggled with raising young in a terrifying world - the young that survived. The early years for the Vesper race were hard. A strange anomaly - perhaps a virus, perhaps something in the genetics of Vespers themselves, perhaps a curse by an angry god - left death in the dens of Vespers everywhere. The magic that let the land flourish could hold the answer, should anyone seek it out. Yet many are wary - those who came before made such attempts and were never heard or seen from again, as such quests typically go.

Torn between war and grief, the years passed in struggle - until a climax was reached and the Vespers broke away from their slavers once and for all. Some claim victory for themselves, others praise the gods for interfering, but all the same, the world for Vespers has rapidly changed. Many begin to form cities of their own, villages scattered across the land, and others strike out to discover new wonders. The world seems never-ending - indeed, no Vesper has ever found the End, the legendary hub where the gods themselves are said to rest. Many argue it cannot be found, but only led to.
There is much to be found in Attica, however, and not all of it is friendly. As Vespers explore the world in a search for a land without the harsh memories of their past, new dangers seem to lurk around every corner in the form of enormous beasts and strange enemies - as well as whatever might be hiding in the terrain itself. As life grows weary, Vespers find refuge in each other. Factions are springing up, and together, Vespers seek to knock back those who try to control them. Never again, they whisper. Never again will the Vesper race allow themselves to be owned like dogs, or treated as slaves.

Event Center

artwork by Jairem.

Monthly Prompts - Deadline: 3/31/2019.
Monthly Prompts List

Current Season: Early Spring
Weather: Thawing snow, warming temperatures.

Players earn a certain amount of an exclusive currency called Black Beads from completing prompts. Players who depict their Vesper in the corresponding season or weather for the current Monthly Prompt will receive a bonus 3 Black Beads. Each prompt may only be completed once per Vesper. Completed prompts should be submitted to our Monthly Prompts folder. Monthly Prompts should meet our Submission Guidelines.

Did you finish up a quest? Random event? Odd job? Don't forget to submit the finished product to our new Quest Board - hopefully it'll be a little less confusing all around ... we hope.
Misc. Events

Earn some sweet loot by advertising for Vesper-End!
Vesper-End is organizing community events with its members and staff! Come join us!

artwork by CorvusHound.


Banzz - Landscapes and Items
reviro - Item Art
Jairem, Askila-Deamon and 40mg - Asset Art & Item Art
STTMARTS - Misc Add-Ons & Mascot Design, World Map.
mini-buns, UszatyArbuz, and cIegane - Unaffiliated Coders.

Administrative Staff
wrensghost - Founder.
WerewolfStripclub - Co-Founder & Art Lead.
Trip3of3 - Co-Owner & Administrative Lead.

Vesper-End and the Vesper Species © 2016-2018 to Alexandria Cline

Created at simplydevio.us
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