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Hello, viewer. My name is Vesper Dreams, Vesper for short. I'm a professional and published writer (under a separate pseudonym) that plans to use this current pseudonym (Vesper Dreams) to publish future works. I thrive to create believable worlds and strong main characters to capture my readers and make it hard to distinguish the fiction from reality. 

Here on this DeviantART, you will find a lot of my published works to coincide with my main idea for a novel, titled, Blood & Roses. I look for honest criticism so please, let me know what you think of my pieces so that I may improve my craft and continue to build on my writing. I promise I will not get hurt or bash anyone for providing honest feedback. As a writer, I absolutely need people like you to tell me how you really feel about my work so that I may publish something people will love. 

You will also see favorited work of characters for the novel and other characters that may not have any relation to the novel. Please feel free to look around. I understand that the account is new, but I promise I won't disappoint! 

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