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painting textures - wood - video

I've noticed a lot of you liked my texture studies. Luckily I made some of them on livestream so I can share the footage with you. I hope you'll find it useful!

Music: Everlone - Peeks [link] BY/NC/SA
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"Is there a way to download/watch it somewhere? The same happens with your other "painting textures" tutorials. There's only a big black rectangle showing."
I agree. Please.
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AMAZING Oops! La la la la 
Videos like this show me how much I have to learn yet!

What program do you use?
Sai? Photoshop? or other?
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thank you for sharing that I learned quite a bit while painting along.
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this would be very very very useful to me...if it wasn't sped up....i can't see what shape those "special brushes" are and thus my painting looks like a pile of crud while the video one looks amazing...
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Just take your time. :) Remember this was done over the course of several hours. 
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learn to play
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very good tutorial I congratulate you ...
have any website or tutoring videos explaining how to insert this how you do it ... thanks
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These are so brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing <3
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Thank you so much =°
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This is just plain cool.
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I was wondering what tool/feature of Photoshop you're using at 3:51?
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You may have found out already but it was Puppet Warp I believe. You can add pins which were those round dots.
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Oh wow. You ju-
You're amazing:iconasdfghplz:
If I would ever become a digital artist, I'd want to be like you ^^
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It already looks good ._.
Coming from someone who can't draw at all on computers
I want a tablet D:
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Who new a block of wood could be SUPER KAWAII DESU! lol
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Hey, which tablet did you use when you recorded this video?
Anyway, thank your for the video, you're an amazing artist!
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minecraft. hahaha jk nice job!!
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You know I really love these tutorials, they're very helpful when it comes to technique. Got one question: what's the tool called that you used at 3.54 (ish). Seems lightyears more powerful than the warp tool. Thank you for sharing these videos.
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I thought the same!
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this makes me want to see a 2D isometric Minecraft.
I don't play minecraft, but I think it'd be cool in isometrics.
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Your videos are absolutely brilliant.
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the fuck are those points at 3:54? ._.
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