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painting textures - gems

Luckily I recorded one of the most commonly requested cube - gem.
This one isn't realistic but works pretty well in fantasy settings.

And it's pink.
And fabulous.
And outrageous!

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its not loading for me its just black 
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omg. the music.
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That looks good. I wish you explained a little though.
LANDSQUIDoriginal's avatar
Oh MY GOSH!! This is not only an awesome tutorial, but that Jem and the Holograms music made my day!! Snort Laugh 
Senko789's avatar
What program are you using?
BlackCatINK's avatar
This is made even better by the fact that its set a Jem and the Holograms track haha.
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It's really amazing and beautiful to watch, but impossible to follow, what a pity...this is really outrageous! :p
MiyuChiyu's avatar
i luv the coloring owo
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Is that the theme song for Jem and the Holograms?
Nocturnaliss's avatar
It is. It really is. 
superpower-pnut's avatar
No, it's not the theme song, but from one of the episodes
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This is going to be hard on SAI o_o
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it's truly, truly, truly outrageous Giggle Love 
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The speedpaint makes this look so easy. . . but then I think about the time involved, not just in this, but in polishing your skill to such a level in the first place, and I can truly appreciate how awesome this (and your other cubes) are. :>
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nice tut! ty

Arrieva's avatar
Came here for the gem tutorial.

Stayed for the fabulous song. :D
TheDemonskunk's avatar
how do you know where to put the shines and translucencies? the cracks and such?
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