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painting textures - flesh - video

One that was request quite a lot in the comments of some of my other works.
Tips on painting gore or meat in general? Don't be afraid to use colours other than red. Adding pink, white, yellow or even purple and blue can really help in making your work look more realistic and gain a specific mood. Another important thing are the highlights. Meat is usually moist or wet. That's why you need a lot of tiny and sharp highlights to give it a proper look. If you want to look for references browse medical or veterinarian blogs.

And of course, how could I post icky gory stuff without the Binding of Isaac in the background?
music: remix "The clubbing of Isaac" by Big Giant Circles [link]
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Ahh!! The flash doesn't work anymore. Do you have this information preserved else where?

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 flash doesn't work anymore... sad.
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Can you make the video download- able like the others. It will not play.
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Dude, grow up. My god all of these immature children wandering around commenting useless crap on the internet.
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Reminds me of that scene from Monsters Inc. with the garbage compactor...
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I would add a bit more blue and yellow for mucous membranes :) But just a bit
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Guess that's what The Cube of Meat" in the Binding of Isaac really would look like.
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I know it's kinda old comment but I just realize that omg you're competely right xD
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Some one was shoved into a trash compacter
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Why did you add eyes for a moment there???
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Ah, yes; gaze intently upon the GORE CUBE.
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Is it weird that I see this and salivate a little? :(
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So that's what's in a companion cube. 😅
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It looks like someone took out another person's organs and cubed them in a box whatever lol,oh well this is going in to my favorites
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A Youtube Video as a Deviation? Did i miss anything?:?
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This is absolutely revolting! I LOVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! 
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Huh, so THAT'S how the cube cat works!
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