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We finally reached the last page of volume 1. From next week on we’ll continue with updating existing pages, starting chronologically from the first chapter.
There’s around 100 pages that are going to be redone completely since we find both their art and writing not up to our current standards. Get ready for some scene changes and a bit more info about the OFF-WHITE world.
As much as we know that long-going comics always undergo art evolution, we’d like to publish ours one day and deliver as high quality product as possible.

Thank you very much for sticking around and stay tuned for more updates.

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Comments (27)
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This comic is great and the art is just breathtaking!
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SapphireStarGuardian's avatar
When will volume two come out????? Awesome work by the way
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Kwiwibird|Hobbyist General Artist
ive been waiting like forever for next volume D: where is it ;n;
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SunDawnWolf|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Who dis? 
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veronicle|Hobbyist Writer
I have finally caught up with the comic!!!!!! Holy shit, things got hella good!!!!!
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Aftherion|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What will happen when all pages will be redone?
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TheGhoulAvenue's avatar
TheGhoulAvenue|Student Digital Artist
Do you do both at once, or do we gonna have to wait a while until you finished all old pages to get to the new new ones? Or do you do both at the same time? Eggsplain ;o;
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neko-systeme's avatar
Eh already in the first page he appeared I found him attractive. And I didn't even saw his face yet lol.
He's absolutly handsome, I'm sorry but he'll be my favorite character here :XD:
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Dark-N-Wolf's avatar
Dark-N-Wolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I love his clothes! >v<
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linkaiya|Hobbyist General Artist
Am looking forward to you publishing! This is wonderful.
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NitroCollie's avatar
NitroCollie|Professional Filmographer
The wait for volume 2 is going to kill me....

Amazing work! Congrats on finishing the volume!😊
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Vassalex|Student General Artist
Oh dear. A pretty, most definitely evil man. 
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Awesomalicious|Student Digital Artist
I can't wait for Volume 2!!!!:happybounce: 
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MattsyKun|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dunno why, but I found this really hilarious.
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Smirtouille|Professional Digital Artist
Your first tome completed. What a day, congratulations! :)
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miyuuma|Hobbyist Digital Artist
well hello there~

 Them eyebrows 
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spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
Can't wait for Volume 2.   
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ShigureTheProtector's avatar
I know I already said this on the official site, but... This was amazing. I'm really curious as to who this mysterious archbishop Fabeldyr is or what his intentions really are. There are so many questions and secrets yet to be answered and discovered, and I am just dying to find out more. I love it how you three ended this. You built it up brilliantly in my opinion. Now that is how to end a good volume to a good story. To leave it in a way so that not everything has been answered, where the readers are at the edge of their seats to find out more in the next part.
I seriously can't believe you three finally finished Volume 1. I haven't gotten passed Chapter 2 of Volume/Book 1 in my series yet, but you three have succeeded in finishing Volume 1 of yours. I am so jealous... XD JK
Anyway, I can't wait for Volume 2, and I can't wait for when Volume 1's been published once the older pages are redone to match the art and coloring style of the newer pages. I can't freakin' wait. You three are awesome, and Off-White is one of my biggest inspirations in my art and my series. <3 Good luck with working on Volume 2 and I will be looking forward to it, as well as the redone pages. :heart: Congratulations!
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therealtwilightstar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo looking forward to the next part.
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DragonDogFilmsG|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey stranger :3
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therealtwilightstar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Greetings from the unknown. :3
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DragonDogFilmsG|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I should of known your a Off White fan like me :3
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