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Comments (21)
Winterbornbree's avatar
Winterbornbree|Student Traditional Artist
This was surprising. You made us believe that Hati was the bad guy, but it turns out Skoll is the antagonist. Sad, I was beginning to like Iki. But I suppose from this point on, Iki's dead...
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WilderWhine's avatar
WilderWhine|Student Digital Artist
OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW! I read off the web suite most of the time, but here I can comment in your pages. The art in the chapter -dark side of the moon right?- Are freaking EPIC I'm so happy this comic hasn't been discontinued!
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Ithlini's avatar
Ithlini|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jestem pod wrażeniem wszystkich
efektów świetlnych. Są niezwykle
realistyczne. Ach! Czytając ten
komiks czuję się jak w wysoko-
budżetowym filmie. Nie ma co!
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Ronta-Casalos's avatar
poor Munin..hope, he's alright...The "day breaking" is really great and I wonder if the sun looks like this when Skoll chase her/it/whatever ;P
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SpandexPudding's avatar
SpandexPudding|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This all makes me wonder if Skoll is going to act the same as before, or more "smart" haha. This is getting good!
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Eye-of-the-Hawk's avatar
Eye-of-the-Hawk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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mona24's avatar
mona24|Student Digital Artist
Skól is bad person? :o
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Dawnehpants's avatar
Dawnehpants|Hobbyist Filmographer
Hati has got to be one of my favorite characters. ;w;
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FMAInuYasha's avatar
FMAInuYasha|Hobbyist Artist
to the website to see the newest page! :iconzoomplz:
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Lunewen's avatar
the new page is excellent, I need the suite !!
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pavrzlove's avatar
aaa skoll you naughty boy vv
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ShigureTheProtector's avatar
ShigureTheProtector|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. Everything's going to hell real fast! Hati be aaaaaaaaannngry! O.O Love this comic. It's one of the greatest things here. :)
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cc117117's avatar
cc117117|Hobbyist General Artist
oo shiny
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Felizis's avatar
So that is what a change of daytime looks like in the spiritrealm. I think that the sun is breaking the darkness of the night and so Hatis power will be forced to leave. The stronger the sun shines, the weaker the moon and the other way around. At least that is what I would interpret here. The red, blackspiritspells vanish and the blue, whitespiritspells take over. I really like the way you have displayed that here. The same goes for the awesome effects on the spells again. But this time the sun in the middle is my favourite. I can really imagine that scene in motion and even with sound. The effect is really strong and leads to a complete change of the scenery. Just like the mood of the pages is changing. Munin seems to be at least knocked out. According to Hugins reactions, this does not happen too often and it seems to be even more serious, if you compare it to Hatis face. Very well done expressions once again by the way. The shock about the behaviour of his brother is totally visible in this panel. It does not look exaggerated or something like that. I really like the way you have displayed this. I also wonder what will happen to Hati and Hugin and of course Munin, when the "day-break" is over and the rifts will be everywhere so that the nightfloor is not stable anymore and then completely vanished. Will they be forced to leaf the spiritrealm and return to the normal world? Or will they need to get to another place, where it's nighttime? Or maybe something even worse? What if they will be trapped until the next nightfall?
I really like the way you have created this scene and the characters. I really like Skoll for being such a mean guy and being totally different from Iki. I think that this makes it all even more interesting and thrilling. If he would be just like Iki or some other plain character, it would be too easy. This way, they have to change his mind and be careful because he is not calculable. A lot of people seem to be pissed about that. I like it even more this way^^
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Pashiino's avatar
Pashiino|Hobbyist Digital Artist
amazing Oo
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Akimune's avatar
Akimune|Hobbyist General Artist
So it looks like it's not going well between the two brothers ;-; I wonder what will happen next, poor Skoll doesn't want to open his eyes! D;
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Deidaragobang's avatar
Deidaragobang|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I look forward to Off White b/c the art is so beautiful!
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E-CanisCorax's avatar
E-CanisCorax|Hobbyist General Artist
love the paws in the last box, they'r awesome!
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SiofraTural's avatar
SiofraTural|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These last few pages have been like eye candy to me. You two do an awesome job!
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Bramble-wolf's avatar
Bramble-wolf|Student General Artist
I love the use of red and white/blue.
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veronicle's avatar
veronicle|Hobbyist Writer
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