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off-white cover

It's been a while since we painted the cover for our comic. We've been slowly redoing all the old pages to match them with the style we settled for, and it was high time to refresh the very first page. I finally found the time to paint the new cover. I hope you'll like it!

It's available as a poster!

first page of the comic…
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I don't know if your link is broken but everytime I click the link next to "first page of the comic" it sends me to a website that says the domain is for sale..

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Sad to see the web domain gone now. :(

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It seems there something wrong when I try to go to page 33 it says ''no information is found'' ^^;Sucks it's my first time reading it

NightstrikerDaDragon's avatar
This looks like an official book cover. MY GOD THIS IS INCREDIBLE LOOKING!!!!!
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so badass I love it
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Beautiful cover and very interested comic! La la la la 
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I finally took my time to continue reading the comic from the prologue, and I became an addict. :)
Thank you for sharing this treasure with us!
(Loving this awesome cover too.)
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is the comic available for purchase?
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Hello! I absolutely adore your art style and I want to read this comic! How many volumes are there and were can I buy it? You are an awesome artist: keep up the amazing work! :P
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would this ever be made into a printed comic so people can buy it?
also how often does a new page get released?
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yeah, i just finished reading it and wanna know what happens next..! IT'S JUST SOOOOO AMAZING! La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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Hey, this was posted on my birthday!
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Just awesome! I love it!
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SwordsSound's avatar!
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Happy new years!!!

Love the comic!!!

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A, w ogóle to kupiłam i jest zarąbisty :excited: Akurat się przeprowadzam do nowego domu... zacznie się szukanie odpowiedniego miejsca dla tego plakatu :giggle:
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Finished reading comic on deviant. Now I read it on your Off-white site , and I comment a lot on off-white !!!!:D
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Twoja praca została wyróżniona w journalu grupy :iconpolska-malowana: (
Gratulujemy i życzymy dalszych sukcesów ♥
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OMG is so amazing *-* 
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Your art is amazing and a insparation to other artists. I want to thank you both for sharing your artwork and story. I wish you many happiness and sweets and wish you a good day. Hope to see more out of you guys! ♥
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