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lazy brush set

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After so many people requested it, I finally found the time to go through my gigantic pile of brushes and clean them from duplicates and presets I've never really used. The set is built on brushes found all over the internet. You may or not find in it brushes made by ~DanHowardArt, `DanLuVisiArt, *CoyoteMange, *algenpfleger and many many more. I picked and chose what I liked from them and that's how this big-ass set came to life.

The set contains 174 brushes that I use on an everyday basis. For your convenience it's divided into 9 categories:

  • Basic - brushes I use the most. Most of my paintings are made using those particular brushes and often I use only those alone. Brushes from the following categories are just an addition and are used depending on the subject and stylization I work in.
  • Clouds - a few dynamic brushes to paint skies, mist and smoke.
  • Rock - perfect for rocks, ground and other rough surfaces.
  • Water - splashes and brushes with wet edges - best if used with light paint on dark surfaces.
  • Hair & Feathers - Well, ain't I a douchebag. I completely forgot to check the release document for most of the fur and feather brushes and now had to remove them from the set. To download the brushes I use for painting fur, feathers and scales, please visit this brush set --> [link] made by *CoyoteMange
  • Plants - a very big set of dynamic brushes for painting foliage. Most of them are hand-painted giving pictures a very nice and unified look.
  • Details - all sorts of little things that add to the final image - seams, light effects, laces and trinkets.
  • Textures - yummy grunge and garbage that will make those flat surfaces look interesting. Scratches, wrinkles, rust, pores, stains - all you'll ever need.
  • Smudge - special brushes for blending. They give very interesting blur and displacement effects.

Why lazy? Because there are plenty of brushes that make your life easier.

The set works best with Photoshop CS5 and CS6. It should work with versions from 2 to 4 too but some of the brushes might not give the same effects.

Feel free to download and pick whatever you like. Have fun!
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AlexaSteinHobbyist Digital Artist

thank you♥

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ragingclintNew Deviant

Stoked to use these! Thank you

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AriGaelNew Deviant

Thanks, you are a life saver.

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thank you

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poncegNew Deviant

Great job, Thanx a lot..:)

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Shroomish275New Deviant

How do I download this? I cant see a download button on my laptop

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Arigatooooo xdxd

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LittleSpawnOfSatanStudent Digital Artist
I don't know if it's just me, but when I tried to download it said that it can't be found?

I got it! 
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the-dirrrty-midgetProfessional Digital Artist
in years still my favourite brush set
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killershapeshifterHobbyist Traditional Artist
where can i download ?
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did you discovered it?? where can I download it? If you know the response, will be very helpful, thx
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killershapeshifterHobbyist Traditional Artist
In the mputer version there is a download button and then it will download you a zip or the brush file
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oooh, thank you uwu
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akswainProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you dear.
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FragmentsofMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
popping in to say this is my favorite brush set ever and it's always my first download if Photoshop deletes all my other brushes when it throws fits. Thanks for making this!
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sectumsxmpraHobbyist Digital Artist
....someone stole these?!
Lazy Brush Set by c870
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caromaddenStudent Photographer
Thank you so much! This is helping me a lot!
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Is it all right to use your brush for commercial work?
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Tornados-HeartHobbyist General Artist
could this work in GIMP?
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PortraitofafoolHobbyist General Artist
Hi there! I used your amazing stock here:

No One's Princess by Portraitofafool

Thank you so much. :D
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ThunderMadArts14Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I used here...!
Why So Late by ThunderMadArts14 Heart 
Thank you...!
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HoidleStudent Filmographer
Most useful I have ever seen. Thanks a lot!
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