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This series is really growing on me. Starting to have problems deciding what to paint next. On the list of my favourites are myomancer (divination by using mice), demonologist, alchemist and scryer (divination by using crystal balls). For now I'm trying to avoid the hydro- and pyromancer. Too obvious. What do you think? What would you like to see next?

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geomancer by vesner summoner by vesner demonologist by vesner alchemist by vesner
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these are really awesome!:D
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I absolutely adore these! The details and unusual take on how the skulls are deformed is really satisfying to look at. I think its due to not just your excellent painting skills but how fresh everything feels - Great imagination.

If you ever return to this series I'd love to see what you do with Myomancer (didn't even know that was a thing).
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This is easily your masterpiece. Were I you, I would offer this as your first submission to every group, to every person who ever asks to perceive your art, because the soul sings like this only once a singularity.

What sentiment were you attempting to capture within this piece?
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Fire can burn wood easily...
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Hydromancer, Pyromancer, and Cyromancer should be used.
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Love how the spinal cord turns into roots amazing transitioning and well just holy shit. Great work man
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This is awesome :)
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i like your series of skulls, pretty fun seeing the ideas, i dont really have any ideas of what coul be fun, mix them with animals parts maybe, like a mutation, i dunno.
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Niektórzy robią z czaszek popielniczki, a Ty misterną doniczkę ;) Fajnie zrobione.
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nice skull series! WOW!
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I see the demonoogist has been done.. do the alchemist, it'd be interesting :3
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Ooh, very cool!
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The BEST !

F*cking AWESOME !!!!!

Nice job !
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This is awesome!! I'm really lovin' this series!!

Hmm,  Supererogation would be cool. It's an act of payment beyond what is due or asked. Something a little different.

Keep up the good work!!!
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Very well done! =D
I'd like to suggest something with the element earth? Don't know if someone has suggested that ;)
It would be interesting to see the skull crumble into a pile of dirt, or something along those lines..
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I know you did the geomancer, but I considered that something else. Geology, right? ;)
Ps: How about someone who has f*ucked up using scripture or old books?
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Just amazing work... love the concept and am excited to see what the others will look like, too! So very cool...
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Maybe a Medium or channeler? like someone who channels spirits
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simply amazing and Demonologist would be sweet to see
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