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fluttery feeling

I've always been terrified by the English expression "butterflies in stomach". As cute and pleasant the feeling is supposed to be, all I could ever imagine were giant insects living inside of people's digestive systems and spreading across the population through awkward teenage kisses.

A speedpaint for a sketch group - a bit over an hour in photoshop.
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Anytime I want cursed images, I come here. To Be honest, something like that has happened to me so it doesn’t actually look that cursed

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Zuul mothafucka Zuul!
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omg i thought the same the whole time! 
it's so disgusting how People force insects into other peoples Mouth! 
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FINALLY! Someone who thinks the same as me, the idea of "butterflies in stomach" makes me sick too xD
I don't know what the hell the person smoked when he/she invented that expression
And when also say that expression in my country, "papillons dans le ventre"
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( i am scared of alot of bugs ) i cant even look at it for a second it just scares me D: but its nice artwork, it probably took over a week,
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dan would flip if he saw this. XD
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This reminds me of this one time a moth flew into my mouth...
Anyway, good job!! :D
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That's so AWESOME!
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I prefer french fries.
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Eugh that's gross, but really cool!
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butterflies in your stomach.
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Still awesome! XD
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I'm just gonna go now...*walks away slowly*
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this is really clevver 
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hahahaha ! your description ;) Awesome painting and inspiration! ;)
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arghhh!!!!:fear: brillent works
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ooooogod!!!!!!!!! i LOVE that sort of art
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the description on this piece is perfect. I love it
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much gross so disturb!
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