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Draw this again challenge
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Published: September 17, 2012
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Yep. The handsome Mr Jackalope was in fact a remake of one of my oldest drawings posted here on dA.

It's been 4 years and I've learned A LOT. And honestly? I've learned most of it by watching much better artists than me here on dA.
I got better not only in terms of technique but also in how I look at the world, how I form and execute my ideas, and how I keep aiming higher to get better. There's still a long way ahead of me, but I'm not going to give up.

Beware all you super-cool ultra-drawing people on dA! I'm going to reach your level one day!

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cassiemunson-art|Professional General Artist
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Still aiming for your 2008 level.
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Wonderfull ! It remain me Alice :)
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This is from 2012!? I wonder how great your art improved now in 2016!! Keep up the great work!! :)
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ALPHA-AKHIRA|Hobbyist General Artist
Holy fuck.... dis is amazing ;^;
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Most epic jackalope I have ever seen
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EppyMinecart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
talk about blending goal hot damn
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sure, they are both creepy, but i think these are AWESOME
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scoutdawson|Hobbyist General Artist
Nice! The original was already great but you made it 10x creepier (and those blending skills... GOALS)
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Jester--Girl|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice. The improvement is very clear. It is also spine-chilling.
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Fairybabylonthefox|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
looks like my dog lol
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Fateche|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the evil smile! Good work!
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TheExtremeGoose|Hobbyist General Artist
So you're the one who made this sweet photo? :D
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SlejdyCZ|Student Digital Artist rabbit is now like:

Bonnie Oopsies  Rabbit: Ey...Slejdy? The F**K Are you watching?
Toy Bonnie speachless  Me: What?...Nothing just checking my deviantart.

Bonnie laughing Rabbit: Slejdy i am Going to call mom!
My Reaction: Freddy's Nope Chat Icon 
Bonnie eyebrows Rabbit: Ha, You dumb. I am rabbit i can't Speak you just are so stupid.
Toy Bonnie mustache Me: But, I m rabbit too.
Toy Bonnie eyebrow wiggle Me: GetRekt
Bonnie Warfstache Rabbit: Let's Watch Anime Yaoi
Toy Bonnie nosebleed Me: YEAAAAA!

       Three hours Later

Rage face emoticon  KISS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!
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SlejdyCZ|Student Digital Artist
This is how my day looks like XD llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan llama cancan 
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Impressive! That's an accomplishment!:nod:
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Spr1ng--Trap|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful....

*slowly claps*

My girlfriend totally didn't tell me to write this :D
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flufffycat|Student Digital Artist
oh shi*
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flufffycat|Student Digital Artist
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MetallicBeats|Hobbyist General Artist
Love it! I want one of those as a pet.
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This is amazing :) You have earned a watch 
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AnimatronicClover|Student Digital Artist
That is freaking horrifying...that smile...
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Luna-the-Zekrom|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like the composition of these drawings!  I think the first one is a bit creepier, because the lack of color gives it a surreal, straight-from-your-nightmares kind of vibe.  However, the newer one shows clear improvement.  It's amazing how much better it is!  (At least from a realistic standpoint, I mean; I like them equally.)
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