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100 texture studies

Done and done!
It took a while but I'm finally done with the 100 texture studies challenge and I'm really happy about it. Usually it's done with spheres but I figured out it'd be more difficult and challenging if done on cubes.... and it was. Some of those were tiny nightmares to paint. All of them were made with brushes from my lazy brush set.

painting textures - fur - video by tanathepainting textures - wood - video by tanathepainting textures - gems by tanathepainting textures - flesh - video by tanathe

I'd be very grateful if you tried to name all of the 100 textures. I'd like to check if I managed to convey all of the materials and if people recognize them the way I planned to. If it's not the case then I still got a lot of work to do!
The first 5 people to properly recognize at least 95 out of 100 blocks were: ~Filougon, ~Palibyte, ~finiens, *PrinzNero and ~Shanyume

I encourage you to make your own texture studies. It's a great exercise to make your paintings more realistic. Remember though not to copy other people's studies! Instead of practicing you might end up repeating and even exaggerating their mistakes. Look for tips and solutions in other artists' works but reference real life objects and photos.

Material studies. by Suzanne-HelmighMaterial Study by KaelNgu:thumb337098827:
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I didn't know you could give a cube that much texture till now. The strawberry one is just crazy to me.

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LoOk At AlL dEm ChIcKeNs! :0
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What kind of Minecraft is this?
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Is that a horse poop block at the bottom? LOL
Heart hi, where can i buy the whole texture formats in PNG format?
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Minecraft anyone?
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Very creative.  I love it.  Is it okay if I use some of these to practice my pixel art?  I would of course credit you with a link to your artwork.
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Row 2, Column 1: If it fits, I sits.
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Magnificent. Love the goofy look many of these give off :D
Good job!
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Awesome. What a great reference sheet. You are very skilled and dedicated, me thinks. 

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By the way, I love the facial expression of the fish ... and of course the minecraft creeper. :D
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this be really gud
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Muffin, Log, orange, rock, cactus, cat, guts, slime or jello, obsidian, flame, cheese, grass, Marble, Wood, cracked stone, refined metal,  Basketball, refined obsidian, sanded down wood, ornate box, skin (blemished with scars, mole etc), plastic, sugar cube, clay, lego, water, ice, snow, sand, brickstone, concrete, battered stone, magma, dirt block, trash bag, hamburger, apple, raspberry, sushi, cardboard box, mystery box, faux suede, fur, companion cube, kiwi, speckled stone, granite, leather, leaves on dirt, crumpled up paper, glass, makeup sponge, very hard stone, rubix cube, caramel, cleaning sponge, bubbles, glitter, banana, mother of pearl, dragon scales, loaf of bread, grapes, malachite, sparrow, eyeball, fudge, goldfish, snake skin, chimney, copper, salmon, broccoli, strawberry gelato, iron, no idea, mushroom, candle, silver, gold, amethyst, lettuce, planters box, yarn, dragon ball, volcanic rock, ruby, sea coral, pile of towels, wicker basket, no idea, rose, no idea, packed sesame seeds, popcorn, lead, unrefined gem, dung, doughnut, onion.

No matter what I got right or wrong, you did an absolutely splendid job!!!
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The rose was very pretty!
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With this art style you actually could make a really nice Minecraft texture pack.............Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do one? :3
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These are really well done, wow~  Fantastic job on them! 
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Is that the Lexicon beside the white wood?
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Isn't this, like, Minecraft?
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This is so mesmerising <3
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