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Apple Family Traveling Wagon




The directory OBJ_MTL contains the OBJ with MTL and TGA files.
Super short test with Blender, and it looks like it is ok.

The directory SOURCEENGINE contains the compiles valve object.
The model is compiled using HL2DM. It could be used in any
other game, based on HL2DM engine and up.

Copy the materials and models into your gaming folder. ie:

<STEAM>\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2 Deathmatch\hl2mp



The model appear named : mlp/applefamilytravelingwagon

In gaming you must include it as an prop_physics.
It contains a collision mesh ofcause.

In SourceFilmMaker you have several control objects:

 ctlJoinerLeft and ctlJoinerRight (rotate)

With these two controls, you can control the mounting joiners.
(sorry i don't have any glue how i should call them :-)

 ctlWheelFront_ROT and ctlWheelBack_ROT (rotate)

You can animate the wheels by simply rotate the axis.
There is no animation sequence for this, so you can
freely setup the stuff you need

 ctlCage_UPDOWN (translate/rotate)

You can simulate the cage movement by modify the cage
without modify the wheels. Simulate wipping on climb on,
or other stuff.

 helperLowerWagon (any)

You can move/rotate the entire wagon without movis the
base point. You can offset'ing while you animate it,
if you need it.
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