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- Mini Hair Tutorial -



A Quick hair tutorial that came with this tutorial : [link]

Hair step 1: You choose the flat color and add shading where you think there should be. Like on the face, like on the clothes.

Hair step 2: You choose a brush size 2 px (or second smallest) and you do hair strikes, curved, starting as close as possible to the root. In the two colors you've used until now.

Hair step 3: You choose a shade a bit darker and then come back to brush 2 and do more dark hair strikes.

Hair step 4: You pick a lighter color and pass it on the light spots do do reflection. Then you take brush 2 and do light hair, especially in the light path.

Hair step 5: You choose a very pale color (close to white) and pass a blurred brush horizontally where the big reflection should be. Then, with the same pale color, you select the palest hair and make them even paler, with brush 2.

~ Photoshop CS2
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Wow! Step by step of how to do hair is simple yet effective. =)