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Group rules & infos

Welcome on this group reserved to the art created with Verve Painter !

Please post your art in the appropriate folder, if you don't know where to post it, go to featured folder and it will be transferred to the proper one

DA is really strict about Mature content and especially nudity, so the mature content *must* be warned as such and posted in the Mature folder

About the Mixed folder
Verve Painter may be used in your workflow as a step and not as the only tool, it even may be used to generate height maps and so on, you can then use this folder for those creations. Please give a word about what step as been done with the software.
Mature content but not 100% done in Verve? Post it in Mixed with the mature warning.

Infos about Verve Painter:

- What is it?
Verve Painter is a painting software using OpenGL to simulate fluids to render paint

- Is it... free?
Absolutly yes

- Cool! Where can I get it?
On Taron's dev blog, he's the guy behind this wonderful software. You'll find also a great community and a real feedback about the software itself.

As usual, be nice, be happy and enjoy!

Gallery Folders

The Rat named Shy by Maxiator
Cloudgodess by Maxiator
Rudolf Rocker by Maxiator
Dove by Maxiator
Martin Luther King Jr. by MikeK4ICY
Idolomantis-diabolica by Maxiator
Raven study by Maxiator
tribal sketch by Ka---Z
Romantic Warrior by GBoGBo
Color Explosion by TheFactoryOfTommorow
Camouflage by Tar-tan
Aqueous Membrane by MikeK4ICY
-Cangas de Onis- Color by Inkolored
Just Get Out There! by MikeK4ICY
Radio Garden (The Ham's Dacha) by MikeK4ICY
Morning Magic by MikeK4ICY

Mature Content

003 by Ka---Z

Mature Content

004 by Ka---Z

Mature Content

001 by Ka---Z

Mature Content

One With Nature by Ka---Z
The Misadventures of Mr. Yuk by MikeK4ICY
Maddie by ovn1
Porco by ovn1
Peanuts by ovn1
-Koala life- Color by Inkolored
-Funky town- Color by Inkolored
-Frachwerkstil- Color by Inkolored
-City at night-Ciudad de noche- Color by Inkolored
Don't Let Go! by MikeK4ICY
Foxhunt by MikeK4ICY
Rusty, Discarded, Old by MikeK4ICY
Escape Velocity by MikeK4ICY








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