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Holidays, Holidays~

Fri May 18, 2012, 10:11 PM

Hello, my adoring fans~!

Why am I so hopeless at keeping up with this site? Well, I suppose there's a number of reasons, but as I do not wish to insult myself or my organizational skills, I won't be mentioning them.

So where have  I been? Around. I'm on MangaMagazine quite a bit, of course. It's become quite bustling there, it's nice to see so many people creating their own manga~. Of course, the spam there is starting to become a bit of an issue, but I try not to worry about it until it's shoved in my face > >'

I've been drawing a lot of things lately. All of you have too, I'm sorry I haven't commented. I might have to clear out my watch list, actually, since I seem to be getting a lot of art from people I don't know... And ponies. If there's one thing that's started to irk me lately, it's everyone drawing random characters in the same old MLP:FiM style. Like... Come on, people. Own style? Heard of it? Please?

I won't spend the whole journal complaining. What I wanted to mention was that We Will Draw Near will be taking a break for this month, and will resume in the third week of June. This happens to be approaching my birthday week, so that makes it wonderful and grand. And it is a wonderful and grand chapter. Chapter 20. I'm a bit burnt out with drawing it at the moment, and that's why I'm taking a break.

Also, I got these some time ago:
Good Morning Darling!
All three issues of Ohayo Gozaimasu Darling! by Cheetybeaty~ :iconvampirecheetah:

I want to do a proper write-up about it in my next journal, but meanwhile, check out her gallery. She has preorders up for the third issue again. And if I like it, you know it must be good~ (especially good if you like shoujo-ai, but even if you don't, it's an intriguing story which deserves a read).

Taa for now~.

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Maika-Lamperouge Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I had to Google what this "MLP:FiM" silliness is... Now I am informed. =w= I also haven't talked or updated on DA in ages, so when I logged in today and saw that acronym everywhere, I began to wonder. But all I've seen of it were human-ifications of those ponies. >_>

Good to see you making more journals~ May the Iron Chefs continue to inspire.
selenaloong Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Dont judge book by its cover.=P
GlowingWaterEyes Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yay you're back again! lol At this rate you'll need an opening like Eminem "guess who's back..." XD


I started watching a bunch of groups, so I get all the extra art, too. I don't really get why though, since I started using the stack option to weed out what's a group and who I actually meant to watch. It doesn't feel fair to me, haha. Then I get people I forgot about because they haven't posted in forever - one person in literally four years! I finished college while they were doing that piece! XD Anywho, I've seen so many ponies it doesn't phase me anymore.
moonscout11 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
It's good to hear from you; You seem to disappear quite a few times~ However, it's understandable; life tends to get in the way of Internet life, either a lot of drama or just more important things to do XD

I do hope you get into the groove of drawing WWDN again by the time your mini vacation ends ;u; I'm rather eager to see what happens next~

MLP......Ahh, I won't even touch that subject OTL Don't get me wrong, I think the show is cute! However.... I don't think others should be drawing so much of it-- let alone what they think is a 'creative style'. But, then again, that's just my personal opinion I suppose >u>

It sounds to me you're watching a lot of people who you've probably forgotten? I've been having that bit of trouble, myself. Like, I would think that I've cleaned my watchlist, and then the next day a whole batch of people I don't know have posted and it's like, "....... :iconotlplz: "
Vervain-Vanity Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do...It's the reason I don't bother getting a facebook no matter how many times people ask me to. I'd never keep up with it. I'm just not good at handling my online presence.

It's.. A cute show, yeah~. I have no idea why it's so wildly popular ( I think some of the fans are missing the point ). Ah hahaa creative style. It's an easy style, maybe that's why. Especially when it's made from bases~.

I.. might be o o Some of them though, who I've glanced at their galleries, I just have no idea who they're supposed to be. Its easiest to recognize people by their styles~
moonscout11 Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
>A> Yes, that would be wise; Not getting a facebook, I mean. It's not grand, it's not amazing; it's just a useless social site with a bunch of obsessed people always wanting to know every inch of someone's life~ Unfortunately, I have one; but only to get a hold of my family if they don't answer their phones for once or something.

Probably >A> I don't support bases, but I'm not going to hate the people who use them; if that's their preferred choice of creating art, then so be it. I don't think it helps in the practice of it, though; it's really no different than just tracing.

Yesss it gets a little confusing when their styles change a bit, but it's certainly much easier than trying to go by icon or user name; almost impossible now that the user names are able to be changed. Or, for example, if you watch someone for certain works they did, and then they suddenly stop doing the types of drawings you watched them for; that could also be a reason as to why they are....forgettable? -Also forgets people as well, so.. -
vampirecheetah Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Oh my goodness, issues! XD So glad you got them all in one piece <3 And "And ponies. If there's one thing that's started to irk me lately, it's everyone drawing random characters in the same old MLP:FiM style. Like... Come on, people. Own style? Heard of it? Please?" THIS! I mean, I was collecting MLP long before FIM was even conceptualized...and I'm just sick of the overload of FiM art, and none of it is done with a unique style. Even if people are drawing some of the older series ponies, it's still in FiM style. It's gotten old, stale, and crummy. People need to branch out into exploring their own style at the very least. Also happy early birthday :) I hope your month break will be restful!
Kell0x Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Glad to see you have returned. :) :hug:
The-Yuri-Canon Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to see you're back. I was just thinking to myself I haven't heard from you in a bit. I hope you enjoy your holiday and birthday. It is good to take a break every now and then, don't want to burn yourself out as I did... Never fun... not at all...

I keep meaning to check out Manga Magazine more, but never get around to it. I'm already on so many sites I just try to stay focuses on DA as of late. I get rather distressed when pulled in too many directions and really feel guilty when I join a new place and post 200+ pages right away...

What is it like there? Friendly community? Glad to see you are enjoying it there. Well see you around.

Vervain-Vanity Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah haha, yes, I tend to disappear. When it comes to online things, I haven't actually been around. Life's been.. Doing that thing where it gets in the way, yeah? But I'm going to try and be active while I can.

Hrm, MangaMagazine, yes. There's much less feedback there than on somewhere like DA for instance, and unfortunately I've been witnessing a lot of that petty fan seeking (like how people vie for pageviews here). I blame that entirely on the fact that it's also a publisher and there's the chance to get featured and paid.

The community is a mixed bag, like anywhere really. There are a lot of decent people, and there are some... Boring people. x 3 It's certainly not like the community on DA, it can be distant, and you'll get a lot of instances where people send you comments like "Hi, we invite you to read our manga [link]". You'll see what I mean if you join.

It's not all bad though, not at all. I really like the uploader and the reader, and they're constantly working on new feature for users. The staff are amazing, and NO TRACINGS OR STOLEN THINGS ALLOWED. If you're looking soley for community, I don't reccommend it at the moment. But if you're looking for a place to showcase your manga and reach out to a very large audience, it's worth a try. There's also a new option where if your manga is popular enough, it can get featured and you'll get a small amount of money at the end of each month based on readership. No contracts involved, it's just like an incentive to keep posting, I guess. Plus they are my publishers. I'm trying not to be biased though!

Also no need to upload all the pages at once. Unless you feel like it of course @ @~
The-Yuri-Canon Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know that feeling all too well... I wasn't around much during April and trying to caught up with stuff this month. I hate how life gets in the way at times... *sighs* I hope you are doing better now all the same.

I sometimes wish that places would remove all ratings or just make it visible to admin and the creator. I find it depression how many people number watch and compare to others. I was just told recently that I'm now too popular for some groups because of my page views, and yet I still don't see that much actual activity to consider myself amongst the popular category. *shrugs*

I worry more about how people react to the fact that I do mostly yuri and create manga that is in the traditional format... I don't even talk on forums on DA or Smack Jeeves anymore just because of the insults people toss about because of it. I get treated like a kid who has just recently entered some fad instead of someone who has been serious about the style for the past 15 years... *sighs* The very thought of conflict makes my stress levels go out of whack to the extreme...

The No Tracing thing is good. God, the amount of crap I've been reporting on DA recently. I can't believe people are actually posting entire pages from Satoshi Urushihara's Chirality. I know the manga is over 10 years old, but still that is no excuse for posting stuff that isn't yours. *grumbles*

Not really looking for community, just no conflict... yeah that is not something easy to ask for... Reaching more readers is always a plus, which is why I post in so many places in the first place... the only publishing thing actually starts me to panic really... The more demand there is for me to get things done on a schedule the more likely I'm to head for a crash... so I have to be careful about that... *sighs*

LOL, knowing me I would post everything in one day. I like to keep people up to date when I post my manga projects anywhere. Don't want them needing to hunt elsewheres for the rest of the story after all.

Thanks for taking the time to inform me further about the site. I'll have to look into it more laters. I should be taking a break this weekend after all the work I did during the week.

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