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Got Nothing To Say?

By VerumAnguis
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I love the facial expression!

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I love how her boobs look like they’re being squeezed too

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The idea was to have them being slightly pushed up :)

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Excelleny work as always.

A personal note, though: Puffed out cheeks don't fit well when one is choked. Perhaps more of an open mouth, tongue out face? Like a gasp perhaps.

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Thanks buddy!

I totally agree with you! But i didnt create this piece to be realisticly correct ;)

Close you mouth and push out all the air out of your lungs with a sharp exhale, and snap a picture, the results could be intressting/nasty xD

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NOTE: make sure to blow your nose first! :S

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...That wasn't something I had considered, but now I hard stand my point lol XD Excellent work all the way around, regardless!

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Hahaha xD At first i thought u were right, then i tried it for myself. How whould it actually look i thought? I appreciate the critique tho, good thinking :D helps me improve alot!

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you are very good

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Oh dude, constriction is an automatic YES!

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She's so overcome with emotion she's speechless. :D

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I think the emotion's are playing a smaller part of her "speechlessness", then a thick coil around her throat ;) haha!

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