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Morning, Sunshine!

Here's the Celestia I did for Nicole Oliver at Everfree Northwest 2015. Speaking of which I actually got to give Nicole and Tabitha the prints I made for them at their very touching Dear Princess panel! Of course I made a fool of myself at the mic but it's okay. They got the paintings that's all I wanted. They really liked their manes ;P

More about the art itself I actually really like how this one turned out. The colors make me smile. Besides Celestia being the best. Really liking this lineless thing. Need to keep working on it.
I was very inspired by NadnerbD in bits and pieces of this for sure. Especially color palette. He's just wonderful in every way. 

Hope you enjoy it. I'll post all the other portraits I didn't finish in time later when my life calms down. Next time ya hear from my I might be in Texas if I have time. If not, I'll be back home in Hawaii. Toodles~
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So pretty. I love how you've done her mane. :aww:
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Pretty pony. I think her eye's highlight could be brighter though 
CrazyArtPhonix's avatar
May I use this picture in a music video? I'll give credit. 
verulence's avatar
Absolutely! Send me a link when ya done too please~
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So pretty.  Love the soft colors, her warm smile, and that thick curly mane.
Biker-Dash's avatar
That is simply GORGEOUS! This is a side of her I wish the show would portray a LOT more. That is a smile of genuine happiness right there.
julian0123's avatar
Pretty awesome :D
Stormlover10's avatar
Wow! The colors are gorgeous and her smile is adorable! ♥ 
Envirotech's avatar
Aww  I really love the way you have your ponies facial expressions, they're soo happy!! :D  ^_^ <3
sweetymimy22's avatar
i like the mane alot :3
thunder-zap's avatar
Gorgeous. Just absolutely GORGEOUS!! :XD: 
JaymieDaggerBark's avatar
You're artwork of Celestia is just awesome  :D (Big Grin) 
enelikosmith's avatar
foxy-ninja-fox's avatar
OMFG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZombieFX's avatar
damn, was about to favorite it again :D
Tea-Adoptables's avatar
Holy COW, this is gorgeous! The entire picture just feels like a cotton-candy-soft wonderland. This picture's softness, colors, and the wonderful hair makes me feel warm and happy inside. Amazing job, keep up the great work. <3
Every time I see this I smile. :)
RigbyH00ves's avatar
That is firkin gorgeous! I really like the mane style going on...
Drew-Datboi's avatar
oh my  GAWD!!
Her hair is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!
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