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Something Red Walkthrough by verucasalt82 Something Red Walkthrough by verucasalt82
This is a walkthrough on how I did the picture Something Red, based on a photo by . And it's probably the closest thing to a tutorial that I'll ever make. :paranoid:

1. Exported linework from Freehand to Illustrator. Changed color to from black to #720000.

2. Did base colors as follows:
Skin: #FFF1E6
Lips: #E338OC
Tongue: #F7775E
Eye (Iris): #909058 and #CBC851
The white of the eye and teeth are plain white (#FFFFFF).

3. Did skin shading with semi-transparent (5-30%) shapes (color #720000) set to multiply. When the shading would start getting too dark, I'd group everthing and lower the transparency to 70-80%.

4. Skin shading was too dull so I created a new layer above it and drew a shape filled with #E33BOC and set to Color Dodge and 40% transparency. I also created some highlights by drawing shapes of the skin base color () and white (#FFF) set to lighten and blurred.

5. Shaded the lips and mouth the same way as the skin. Color #720000, 15-30% transparency. Highlights are #FFF1E56 set to lighten/30% transparency.

6. Eyes shaded the same way as everything else. Color #720000, 5-20% transparency.

To finish I added a new exclusion layer (color #021028) set to 80% transparency.
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AdvanceRun Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a bazillion .
Protey17 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Very spectacular! 
zombiecharro Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Could you post a outline only screenshot??
rkingphilip Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
is there any site were i can make a picture like this???.... do you have any suggestion for me... please.. i love you works... thnx..
gilangkharisma Featured By Owner May 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
wow.!! cool vexel :)
CoconutMerengue Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous work
xXCK1TheGreatXx Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011   Digital Artist
Do you start with the biggest shape when it comes to shading and work down to the smallest piece?
BLACKSTAR-SHABACH Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!!!>....haven't done anything like this in 10 years, you are quite the inspiration...I'm stalking you
Xhenya Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010  Student Digital Artist
wow man....thats crazy.....i would never spend so much time making shapes and shading
kaskajo Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
RandomlyMoe Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010   Photographer
Wow. [link]
GuidoHC Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2010
something, something, dark side...
Ikue Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You've been featured on :la:

Check it out here!
IAKhan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
amazing technique..:D
trishafalls Featured By Owner May 5, 2009
this is helpful. :+fav:!
DegrassiAddict Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for posting. I can't wait to test this on my sketches.
qbenk Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
jaggedpixel Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
Excellent work! :)

Could I be really, really Dumb and ask how you started shading? I am really having trouble with it :( By light area's end up Dark so its the exact opposite. :(
Gns-desing-X3 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2008
GENIAL!X10 *o*
depth02 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008  Student
did you use blending mode on shading?
tvlookplay Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
very cool picture XD
dipoledipole Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008
thank you very much for this tutorial!
its really helpful
you are one of the greatest vector artists here
keep it up sir
iveroon Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008   Interface Designer
this is not a tutorial!, this is just to skillfull!
Ash-a-lee Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007  Professional Photographer
wow, the line art is great but I cannot believe how much the vectors and the colors make it pop! It's amazing, one of my fav pieces I've seen on here.
linoclaudio Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2007
Very Nice...! Kool....!
drenchedindesire Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2007   Interface Designer
thanks for the walkthrough! i really like your style of art!
Audentio Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2007
Another wow...

Great job.
netnessie Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007
Fantastic job. Such beautiful detail. I dare say I prefer it without the exclusion layer though :D
fenrir-br Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007
i'll never do skin shading like you
shingudoo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice job.
Fuselwusel Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2007
Yay! I spent hours and hours trying to learn illustrator better and each and every tutorial I read was lacking something important, I just never understood how they really did it, because steps in between were missing.
This step by step work on the other side is just perfect, it just made a light in my head go on. ^_^! You're a hero!
angelikgiraldo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007   Filmographer
terreza1 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007
thanks,it's great!
bnky Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
cool tutorial :thumbsup:
evejay Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2006   Photographer
how to change the coler from black to 720000 in illustrator?
iogo Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006   Interface Designer
Probably by selecting all of that layer i think (command - a) and then the paint pot/brush tool...
highdetalio Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
i want learn vector!! >__<
sandollor Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I could do stuff like this. damn. It looks perfect.
Baka-Shinji Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks -- learning how to use Illustrator meself. Aaand, well... while I can't do anything near this kind of work, it still helps to have the examples ^^"

We all have to start somewhere, right?
ufcooper Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2006  Student General Artist
baise-moi Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2006
i really dig your stuff, shame you wont be making a tutorial, but this pretty much sums it all up.
geekygirl85 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2006
im really retarded on all the vector stuff.. but are you saying to get the other shades in the skin you went off one color and to get the others you just set the same color but transparent? sorry if thats stupid! lol could you make a little tutorial for vectors? i love all your work, i wish i could make stuff like this ;< you made one off a picture i tried before..sickens me to see how its suppose to look and how much i suck
saraliu Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2006
Hello! It would very like to know, as that the first image in the Freehand was made? You it used some tool in special? He was pretty!
DrewGreen Featured By Owner May 3, 2006
Are you aware of how amazing you are?
SaMmYCuPu Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im wondering how did you made the linework??
was it using some effect on photoshop?? or just using pen tool ??
or.... aarrghhh.. i dont get it...
abstract-plain Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
Awesome!!! nice colors, nice tutorial
Snoodle Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006   Digital Artist
I've tried making a vector also with lowering the opacity of the shapes and set them to multiply. But: when I overlap 2 shapes, the place where the 2 shapes overlap is darker than the shapes. Shouldn't it be lighter than the shapes? This is what I think I see in your vector, that there are overlapping shapes, but that they are lighter where they overlap each other. I hope I made myself clear :o thnx in advance, great walkthrough!
MURDER77 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2006
nice tutorial.
gigiopolis Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006
Wow, this is excellent! It's so helpful. Thanks so much.
EnterTheDiamond Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2006
uber cool
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