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Something Red Walkthrough

By verucasalt82
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This is a walkthrough on how I did the picture Something Red, based on a photo by . And it's probably the closest thing to a tutorial that I'll ever make. :paranoid:

1. Exported linework from Freehand to Illustrator. Changed color to from black to #720000.

2. Did base colors as follows:
Skin: #FFF1E6
Lips: #E338OC
Tongue: #F7775E
Eye (Iris): #909058 and #CBC851
The white of the eye and teeth are plain white (#FFFFFF).

3. Did skin shading with semi-transparent (5-30%) shapes (color #720000) set to multiply. When the shading would start getting too dark, I'd group everthing and lower the transparency to 70-80%.

4. Skin shading was too dull so I created a new layer above it and drew a shape filled with #E33BOC and set to Color Dodge and 40% transparency. I also created some highlights by drawing shapes of the skin base color () and white (#FFF) set to lighten and blurred.

5. Shaded the lips and mouth the same way as the skin. Color #720000, 15-30% transparency. Highlights are #FFF1E56 set to lighten/30% transparency.

6. Eyes shaded the same way as everything else. Color #720000, 5-20% transparency.

To finish I added a new exclusion layer (color #021028) set to 80% transparency.
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Thanks a bazillion .
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Very spectacular! 
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Could you post a outline only screenshot??
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is there any site were i can make a picture like this???.... do you have any suggestion for me... please.. i love you works... thnx..
gilangkharisma's avatar
wow.!! cool vexel :)
CoconutMerengue's avatar
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Do you start with the biggest shape when it comes to shading and work down to the smallest piece?
AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!!!>....haven't done anything like this in 10 years, you are quite the inspiration...I'm stalking you
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wow man....thats crazy.....i would never spend so much time making shapes and shading
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something, something, dark side...
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You've been featured on :la:

Check it out here!
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amazing technique..:D
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this is helpful. :+fav:!
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Thanks for posting. I can't wait to test this on my sketches.
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Excellent work! :)

Could I be really, really Dumb and ask how you started shading? I am really having trouble with it :( By light area's end up Dark so its the exact opposite. :(
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did you use blending mode on shading?
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very cool picture XD
thank you very much for this tutorial!
its really helpful
you are one of the greatest vector artists here
keep it up sir
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this is not a tutorial!, this is just to skillfull!
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wow, the line art is great but I cannot believe how much the vectors and the colors make it pop! It's amazing, one of my fav pieces I've seen on here.
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