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Jude Lawpaper

As Annie would say that I would say, well, crap.

I would say that she is correct in saying what she has said as I do happen to say it a lot.

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Where have you got the original pic?
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oh my God!
is jude, is jude!
amazing work!!!!!!
you are a genius!
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I love the amount of detail you put in his hair (pre-bald Jude, that is) :D
gabriela2400's avatar
The wall its so much fuckin better.. i love that image. great job girl.,
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I love this. Jude law is SMOKIN HOTT :giggle: :+favlove:

Extravaganca's avatar
Very well done, looks awesome ;)
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jaja i love jude law
secretbear's avatar
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Jude is just mysterious enough to get away anything....
Hahahahahahahaha, browsing your gallery and such (i HAVE devwatched you, so I might as well brush up on past works...And I suddenly realized...

LAWpaper? WALpaper? Ooooh, the wittiness exudes from such prose.

Anyways, this is piece is choice. I love his hair, intricate detail. I'd even say intrinsic. Basically amazing. Is his jacket one color? I love how you pulled that off perfectly. ACE!
Fav, for the wittiness (basically your entire gallery deserves fav, so I have to pick and choose).

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wow :dance: this is great, done very nice :-)
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ha ha Well done like always :D
bundygb's avatar
that's pretty awesome.... if i liked having guys all over my computer screen i'd use it..... but i dont.... so i wont.... otherwise good
tammy1986's avatar
guh he;s so cute -.-
tanakamegumi's avatar
haha, lawpaper. that's priceless.
Kaalvoet-Stock's avatar
I think I'm developing a girl crush on you! Your talent just never ceases to amaze me. Teach meeee!
emothemurdok's avatar
= D awesome. Nice detail in the hair, and also the jeans. Love the colour, or lack of colour as it is. :hug:
Sick-Osiris's avatar
omg wow, so detailed :) great job hun!
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