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Hair Strand Brushes

I'm not sure if this will be useful to anyone, but these are the brushes I use when doing wispy strands of individual hairs.
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Hey the download link is not working, is there any other way to get these?
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darn, the download link is broken. :'(
These are some really nice brushes! Thanks verucasalt82.
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Thank you so much.  Hopefully this will work for my class project :D
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These for Photoshop or Illustrator?
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Thank you you are the best!
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Aw man they're Illustrator brushes--nevermind..........
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Well I hope it is for me, I haven't found one YET that works for me, they're all shitty.
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This is REALLY useful! Thank you! :)
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Does this work for photoshop?
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I've been using these to do body outlines. Would love to know your process for creating these so I can make my own original.
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These are great! Thanks for sharing them!
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Omg, I´ve been looking for these brushes for a LONG time.
Thank you so much!
xe.....que re-bó!
Thanks, these are great.
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Thx, will try them out.
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thank you for the you have any tuts on how to do some of your work......would love to see how you do the work...thank you ,, Jimi
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TnankU for the BRUSH...Do U have Photoshop Hairstrands Brush too?
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