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Hey! I have decided to change the blog location. I am on Blogspot now. 
Generally if I share a picture I write something bout it. So there you may see some of my comments.
Look!Look!Look! I feel as I have a birthday! It has passed two weeks since the material study project has started and I have collected 25 material tetrahedrons. All of them for your attention:

to see click here :)

However it is not the end. I wish to collect 100 material tetrahedrons. 

To see the larger pictures go to my gallery here
To see painting processes go here:…
Or just follow me to see others material terahedrons!
If you have ideas what I could paint as a tetrahedron leave a comment...

And now I am glad to show the new tetrahedron. This time I drew attention to scales.

It may be turtle or iguana or crocodile scales as well as gragon ones. Imust say the this time it took me quite much time and, of course, more time  than usual. Let me think... Aproximately, I was painting this during 3 hours. Though, going to paint I realized it wouldn’t be like a little walk with a pink pudel. All this small scales, every should be painted. And this is what atracted me. Isn’t it interesting so many details? Usualy while painting I feel lack details. I have to make them up to watch the nature carelesly to rich my painting. This time everything is different. I have plenty of detils but I should keep my work all-of-a-piece... 

The tetrahedron itself you may see in the Gallery. Here is the video process.
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Today was brought this gallery very many new things! I have added !five! material tetrahedrons and the painting processes to every tetrahedron. 

The tetrahedrons links:

The Polyethylene Tetrahedron
The Watermelon Tetrahedron
The Amber Tetrahedron
The Golden Tetrahedron
The Fur Tetrahedron

And videos for your attention!:

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It is my new level! I have done a painting tutorial the first time in my life! Of course it wasn't without any troubles... I have spent 7 bloody hours on making that little 5 minutes video. But it was worth making and having troubles.

Why have I done it? The thing is many years ago, when I bought a painting tablet, I had much difficulties, starting a DG painting practice. I still remember that sad feeling. The thing that helped me was painting tutorials. So now, remembering this, I would like to share my little knowledge with all of you. Perhaps, the video tutorials might be helpful


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I clued why my paint works looks differently in the paint-program and in the viewer. The matter is the programs have different color profiles!
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Well, since this time I promise not to call pictures using their date as a title. The idea, of course, wasn't bad cos that kind of title showed when it had been made. But when in gallery I see "00.00.00" I have no idea what it may be!
When I sought "инструменты в фотошопе" google offered me this ( unfortunately, I cannot add pictures yet, so I'll just write it) "инструменты в фотошопе сканворд". 
“I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso.”
 Rita Rudner

It’s a little bit strange to start my blog with this kind of thought. However, it's made me laugh so hard that I, at last, decided to write something here. As a matter of fact, for several days, I thought about what to say in my first post; but nothing except this suited me. 

Is a journal like a diary? Or, is it something else unexpectedly?

I don’t know yet. Very well so far, keep it on! ^_^