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8.06 is out. Changes:
* Split the applications portion out into a separate patcher, since it'll work just fine on Vista, and even X64 (providing you haven't gone and found special 64-bit versions of things).
* Replaced my crappy WiMP icon with the icon from Totem
* Replace my crappy Winamp icon with xTom's
* Add comctl32.dll locations for SP3
* Finally work around the multiple-notepad.exe business using the code I put in place for that very kind of problem (comctl32.dll).
* Optionally extract source code to the patcher directory; I'd like to be more transparent and open-source tbh, and if XPero has XIS publicly available, I say it's fair game ;). I'd also like to be able to accept patches for third-party app support, as I pretty much let that languish, and there are people around who would be willing to help with that.
* Added /bootsplash=(0|1) command-line parameter. 1 is on, 0 is off
* Check for Vista. Don't run on it.

Migration from previous releases integrated with the system patcher is handled automatically. You will need to upgrade the system patcher to 8.06, but you can do them one after the other without rebooting, and in either order.
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Is this for Vista only or also compatible with XP SP3? Thanks for the hard work.
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Yeah, it's actually split off of the XP patcher.
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Thanks for the update, Vert!
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Thanks for all the work you put into this. :)