STTP 2600 8.06 is Coming (+other hollow promises)

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Just to try and head off some of the requests for STTP to be updated, I'd just like to say that I am working on it. I've reached a major milestone in a personal non-Tango related project, so I can take some time again to Tangofy and play Team Fortress 2.

Tango Patcher 2600 8.06 is coming. It won't be mind-blowingly different, but here are some notable SVN commits I've done since 7.08.2 - keep in mind that all of them have happened in the last week or so:
* Split the applications portion out into a separate patcher, since it'll work just fine on Vista, and even X64 (providing you haven't gone and found special 64-bit versions of things).
* Replaced my crappy WiMP icon with the icon from Totem
* Replace my crappy Winamp icon with xTom's
* Add comctl32.dll locations for SP3
* Finally work around the multiple-notepad.exe business using the code I put in place for that very kind of problem (comctl32.dll).
* Optionally extract source code to the patcher directory; I'd like to be more transparent and open-source tbh, and if XPero has XIS publicly available, I say it's fair game ;). I'd also like to be able to accept patches for third-party app support, as I pretty much let that languish, and there are people around who would be willing to help with that.
* Added /bootsplash=(0|1) command-line parameter. 1 is on, 0 is off
* Check for Vista. Don't run on it.

Anyone have any relatively low-risk/low-effort things they might like to get in?

Also, I haven't forgotten the Vista people  (I'm a legit X64 Vista user myself, now) - I've restarted work on my Python-powered patcher package, as although Vize-based Tiize is great, it just doesn't mesh well enough with my coding style for me to do anything more than minor tweaks and maintenance, and I'm wanting to add major features that I'm just not skilled enough to do in C#. When it's done, it'll replace all three of my Tango patcher-thingies, and be an immediate springboard for X64 support when a command-line resource modifier becomes available.… is the hot space for that, presently.
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When are you expecting to release the new version of Tango Patcher? How is the work going? Congrats and thank you for your work.
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Wow sounds very promising. Thanks for sticking with it & all the hard work you've put into it. If you wanna include a VS or two I may have some to contribute. :P