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Tango Patcher 6000 8.03



Note: Due to other things going on in my life (work, cars, video games, hanging out with friends, etc), work on this project has essentially ceased.

The Tango shell patcher is designed to make integrating icons from the Tango project and its descendants a fairly simple process. It works by modifying your current system files, and inserting the modified versions back into the system; at it's heart, it is simply a tool for batched, automated resource hacking and system file replacement.

* It supports (in theory) all languages and editions of 32-bit Windows Vista and Server 2008; 64-bit versions are NOT supported, nor will be anytime soon (the tools to make it happen just don't exist).
o I'm almost positive that this will break horribly on non-English setups, and certain dual-boot scenarios. If you don't have a standard c:\windows setup, you may need to perform a search-and-replace on the paths hardcoded in FileList.xml. I really have no idea how XPero's handling this in Vize, I guess I need to either look into it or write some code myself. Don't uncomment the line in FileList.xml for user32.dll unless you're feeling brave and are comfortable talking to the activation support machines/people – but please, let me know what happens if you do / I'm not buying you a new license if it gets you on a WGA blacklist. If you are editing FileList.xml, remember to start notepad with admin credentials, or you won't be able to save your changes.
* I know I'll regret it as soon as I've posted this, but I'm ready for people to start posting their skinning requests so I can prioritize and make the most efficient impact with what little time I do have free for the patcher these days.

Current Release: 8.03 (2008/04/01)
Remove the "identifier" overlays from the battery meter
At least the beginnings of Tangoization on iexplore, wimp, wab, hh, msi, cleanmgr, games also in gnome-games, and a few miscellaneous things that were in 2600
Add branding images for each Vista+Srv2k8 edition
Classic start button bitmap (Srv2k8 OOB default)
Tweaks to folder icons, and add an icon for the home folder
Miscellaneous fixes to the installer and patcher

Information on 64-bit support (Last updated 2008/07/07):
* I've got CFF Explorer working as a reshack wrapper.
* Which means... reasonably simple-to-implement 64-bit support... finally! I've been a 64-bit Vista user myself now, for a few months, so that pleases User #0, too.
* So I've got a test build up to play with.
* Resources and file-list are identical to the 8.03 release - I haven't added extra entries for ProgFiles (x86) or SysWOW64.
* It's not ready for mass use, just because it requires more testing.
* Anything that goes wrong, I disavow all knowledge wink.gif
* [link]

If you're using Windows XP, you maybe be interested in STTP 2600.
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Don't work in vista sp2 :/, have another version?