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Tango Patcher 2600 8.06

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Note: Due to other things going on in my life (work, cars, video games, hanging out with friends, etc), work on this project has essentially ceased.

The Super Turbo Tango Patcher is a mostly self-explanatory graphical wizard designed to make simple the process of modifying your system files with resources developed and inspired by the Tango Desktop Project. It currently includes implementations of the basic Tango icon set, the Tangerine icon set developed by the Ubuntu art team, the Industrial icon set from recent SUSE/Novell desktop Linux releases, and the Gnome icon theme, rounded out with various pieces of artwork created by myself and others. Additionally, it includes a reloader module to re-modify your files if they are overwritten, allowing system updates to be performed without breaking the theme. If you experience issues with the Patcher, please consult the included documentation.

It is designed to work on all language versions and editions of Windows XP and Server 2003. 64-bit versions of Windows are NOT supported.

As this is DeviantArt, your feedback, good or bad, will make this beast all the better. Many thanks to those who've volunteered opinions, chances are you either helped development along, or incremented by one my ego counter :) There are some icons that are not patched. I'm not going to throw together some random pixmap just to satisfy the look; I'd like to try to stay at least mostly metaphorically correct to the ideas of the original icon creators, the Gnome HIG, and so forth. Many things in Windows will not have counterparts in any Free/OSS environment, and I'm both lazy and busy, and so they will more than likely not be added to the patcher anytime soon.

Last update (2008/06/15): Split the applications portion out into a separate patcher, since it'll work just fine on Vista, and even X64 (providing you haven't gone and found special 64-bit versions of things), replaced my crappy WiMP icon with the icon from Totem, add comctl32.dll locations for SP3, work around the multiple-notepad.exe business in a better way, optionally extract source code to the patcher directory, added /bootsplash=[0=off|1=on] command-line parameter, and check for Vista and don't run on it.

Note that applications are no longer included in the "system" patcher - they have been moved into a separate package, available here.

If you receive a warning from your antivirus program about WFPdisable.exe, it is safe to ignore. Because of what the program does (disables WFP, which will complain about and attempt to undo changes system files), your AV software likely considers it dangerous. It's technically not a false positive per se, since it's correctly detecting what it is and acting appropriately, but WFP is re-enabled after a reboot, and it reduces the number of complaints from WFP dialogs (so I can't win - it's either complaints about WFP dialogs or complaints about antivirus detection.)

If you're using Windows Vista, you maybe be interested in STTP 6000.
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Do a icon pack windows xp original cause i cant retablish my original icons :(