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Tango App Patcher 8.06



This is the application portion of the old Super Turbo Tango Patcher. It should work fine on its original XP, as well as Vista, and even X64 (providing you haven't gone and found special 64-bit versions of things), although I haven't tested the latter two possibilities thoroughly, yet. Most behaviors and caveats are unchanged from the 2600 System patcher, although they may diverge more, in the future.

Migration from previous releases integrated with the system patcher is handled automatically. You will need to upgrade the system patcher to 8.06, but you can do them one after the other without rebooting, and in either order.

Significant changes from STTP 7.08.2: Split the applications portion out into a separate patcher, replace my crappy Winamp icon with xTom's, and optionally extract source code to the patcher directory.
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love this patch; i'm gonna throw it on an usb stick and install it on every computer i see. it will make everybody happier :3