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Tango App Patcher 8.06

This is the application portion of the old Super Turbo Tango Patcher. It should work fine on its original XP, as well as Vista, and even X64 (providing you haven't gone and found special 64-bit versions of things), although I haven't tested the latter two possibilities thoroughly, yet. Most behaviors and caveats are unchanged from the 2600 System patcher, although they may diverge more, in the future.

Migration from previous releases integrated with the system patcher is handled automatically. You will need to upgrade the system patcher to 8.06, but you can do them one after the other without rebooting, and in either order.

Significant changes from STTP 7.08.2: Split the applications portion out into a separate patcher, replace my crappy Winamp icon with xTom's, and optionally extract source code to the patcher directory.
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love this patch; i'm gonna throw it on an usb stick and install it on every computer i see. it will make everybody happier :3
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p.s: i've beern working on porting this to some 64bit versions of explorer and shell32.dll, without success. actually they kept the names system32... and shell32 for the 64-bit libs while sysWOW64 appears to be the directory for the shell32 libs, which are asily patched and reshacked since reshack is itself editing files in 32bit, which is crispy when it comes to changing 24-bit icons, +8-bits (256 levels) of alpha, or 32-bit... icons... as a tesr platform i'm doing this on somlething that's fairly the most stable windows for this kind of BSODish operations since the slight 32bit code in a 64bit system makes it not just ingored byut completely crash, even when it is about themes, after finding out how they made this, i do understand that the people at microsoft who have elaborated this, getting through their psychology reveals them as being very dangerous sociopaths, and should be locked in a mental asylum if they aren't already. all that to say that now i really get the job it was to manage to make this thing to work flawlessly on so many OSes, and respect your work even more. now excuse me as i have been awake for's friday? quite a while and am going to crash.
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Does it work in win 7 ?
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great job <333 i'm so happy!
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Nice Patch, but i have a problem. My itunes wont sync with my ipod. after i uninstalled the patch, everything went back to normal. its the same problem i had with flyakite. itunes says the required disc cannot be found
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i'd check what goes in conflict but i wouldn't bother ...should've not listened to the commercials and got yourself a decent mp3 player. cowon/archos/iriver/sansa and all other brands works with UMS. additionally you should never use a proprietary software in order to access any hardware you purchased or even manage your music and decide if you have the right to play/copy anything you have downloaded. it is a bad habit.
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I bought the iPod because it had what I wanted. Easy sync between the device and my computer. You might tell me that there are other softwares that do it better, but I'm sorry. iTunes is my favourite. I've sold my iPod and I'm currently just using my Galaxy Nexus as my portable player, not the best but it does that I want. I'm still using iTunes though. I love the way it works.
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thanks for share! :thumbsup:
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Hi, I love your patcher (the one without the apps). I'm considering using this but I don't know what apps are included. Please let me know.

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Time for a update...
But I ain't updating yet!
Only Tango and Gnome icons show up in install...
And it's not even a 1 MB download!!!
What's wrong with it?
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quantum chromodynamics binding on low level exponential functions allows this. i'd say it's a masterpiece just for this.
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Great pack! Much better than the default icons for XP, and it's easy to install. Fav!
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I probably downloaded this about 14 times, haha
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this is nice...can I easily revert the changes made by this patcher to system defaults?
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sorry wrong deviation of yours...:/
Something wrong with download
Just found this. Goes some way to explaining why FF3 isn't getting patched. I take it a new version of Tango Application patcher is needed to get support for FF3 icons?
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Possibly - it had been working during the betas, but something may have changed since then.
Ah right. Thanks for replying. If you are working on a new version of Tango App patcher will that be fixed?
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yeah. I am waiting for a long time.
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Such a small Transpack (filesize) and such a great job!

Keep up the good work !
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