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Inexperience Patcher 0.7.2

By vertigosity
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This is a shell modification pack that replaces XPish resources with their counterparts from Windows 2000 (with bits taken from Windows ME, screenshots of Whistler betas, and some artistic license tossed in where appropriate). Obviously, the appeal of something like this is somewhat limited, but I expect there's a few people other than me who might want to use the older style, either out of nostalgia, because they find it to be cleaner and more usuable, or simply out of a preference for the pixel-art style. There are a lot of advantages to using the newer operating system, especially after the release of Service Pack 2; if you don't feel the iconset is one of them, now it doesn't have to be :) It also includes a reloader to re-Inexperience your system files if necessary, and an uninstaller to restore them to their original state. It is designed to work on all language versions and editions of Windows XP and Server 2003. 64-bit versions of Windows are NOT supported.

I made this pretty much for my own personal use, but I know there's a (very) few others who are interested in it, so I decided to make a release of it. If you like it, great, otherwise, you are irrelevant. If you want something specific de-XPified, or if you find any bugs, tell me about them, and I'll try to get them sorted in the next release.

Last Updated (2007/03/17): Update for SP3, import some bugfixes from Tango Patcher 2600 8.06. Those security center shields look like crap...

Honestly, I'm kinda curious to know how many people still use this - as SP3 is likely to be the last new comctl32.dll for XP/2003, unless there's some kind of feature request, this is quite likely the last update this'll ever get.
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Why did you include a Trojan? I don't understand what you get out of infecting people's computer.

It's called a false positive.

Dmarcy01, that happens because it change system files. Try disabling your antivirus.

hey guys! what do you think of their design

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lol windows 2002 shouldve made it like choose the windows version you want it to look like like windows 95, window 98 and so on

When I download that file, Firefox alarms me the archive can have virus.

Is that warning right or it's just a mistake?

Does it work with Windows 10?

Hey could you provide a download link for this? I had this file on a computer before it died and i cant get it back and i can't find it anywhere else. Would you please so? Thank you.

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Click the download button on the right.

I just wanted to say thank you a ton. This is perfect


The "2002" part in the Windows 2002 logo is not using the right font. Why not use the font used in the actual 2002 logo? Or use Paint to copy and paste the first 2 in 2000 and replace the last 0 with it, for a foolproof mod? That's my biggest complaint with this, and I really hope that can be fixed in a future release. The only annoying thing is the Luna Windows XP theme is visible briefly at logon. Otherwise, excellent work!

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I can't download it because it says it's a virus, is there any alternative download links? 

If you're on a newer version of Windows, it might get in the way. Try to override Windows Defender. Otherwise, if you have a server, I usually do a wget there and use SFTP to transfer the file over.

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Updae it now. few icons are still xp on shell32. :) (Smile)  and security center shields don't look crap. that's what people needed exactly.
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[Vapowave music intensifies]

this is <3
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Very nice transformation pack!
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