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sunday day is heavy and dirty.
my window is also dirty and i never clean it. never.
so till my window will be dirty, dirty will be everything through it.
and through my window you can see what you want.
so in coclusion dirty are everybody;D

i have nice shoes. and you know what that means.
i wish to have hepatica on my table.
also i wish go by stork nest to find something.

and second day in my head two songs are playing.
i hate that songs, i never listen to them.
but words are me.

wish wish more. have have be there, where i should. should - word to me without meaning.

drop, run, hit, sit, dislike, be anywhere, speak, silence, nasty rain fall.
  • Listening to: oasis(acoustic)
  • Reading: end of Connie Palmen "The Laws"
  • Watching: into birch
  • Drinking: rain
Oh, bitch kiss is sweetest. Pabučiuok Egle mane, noriu įsitikinti ar kalės bučinys saldžiausias. Taip saldžiausias, bet tau saldus nebuvo, nes nukandau ležuvį. Tokios jau tos kalės. Žmonės mano, žmonės žino, žmonės tiki.

Aš tikiu tik Dievu.
  • Listening to: him
  • Eating: everything
just another level of my life.
friday night call me into deep black.
and I would go straight.
try not to wake up other while I be on my trip.

my fcking day.

another street,with another torches.
my dolly and my damn stuff.

First, I go under the litle bridge(there I can be safe).
  • Listening to: Skyle.
  • Reading: Tango.
  • Watching: Documentary.
  • Drinking: Shit.