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Webmanga Page Tutorial

Hey here's a tutorial for you guys. If you have any questions, just ask me.

My background perspective tutorial: [link]

And feel free to check out my webmanga if you wish:

Chapter 1:[link]
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3:[link]
Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 5:[link]
Chapter 6:[link]
Chapter 7:[link]
Chapter 8:[link]
Chapter 9:[link]
Chapter 10:[link]
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thank you!this will help me much in my webcomic!feel free to check it out! avaliable in portuguese and english! 
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What proggrem did you use?
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Adobe Photoshop CS
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Which page did you do?
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TSB Ch8 page 3. Don't remember the number, but it should be in the Volume 1 folder.
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Thank you very much!
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waaah....this is very helpful! Thank u!
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Well thought out tutorial.
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Thanks! Be sure to check out my other tutorials!
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This is the second tutorial of your's that I looked at, and it was very helpful. By The Way Your Art Style Is Amazing :wow: . Its Better Than What I Can Do. ~ :batman:
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I'm glad it was helpful!
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wow so helpful! thank you~! :D
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Very useful stuff! Thanks for taking the time to make this! :)
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This is ok with webmanga but I prefer screen tones over all. That is how real manga is made not using greyscales.
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This is true. I always sucked at screentones, so I had to make a workaround, but I've gotten used to it!
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U just discovered your tutorials, and they are AWESOME!!
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This is super helpful. In a way it's all just a mix of basics but it just helps having someone clarify the process step by step.

Thank ye kindly, good sir.

One quick question; i know it's an 8x11 sheet of paper but what does that become when scanned in terms of pixels and dpi?

I just ask because when i use stroke for the panel borders it looks a little thin. I'm just going to adjust it as appropriate for now but it's still good to know.
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