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August 20, 2014
[Stock & Resources] Suggester says, "Here is a simple way to accomplish complex-looking artwork in no time at all." VT15-Simple Textures by verticalfish
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VT15-Simple Textures

Here's a quick tutorial on simple background textures for those of you who like to draw backgrounds.

You can check out my other tutorials:

VERTICAL TUTORIALS! Background Perspective Digital Editing of traditional media Webcomic Process for Tablet SFX in PSCS 1: Quick Motion BGs TOW-1: Photoshop Motion Lines Tutorial TOW-2: Lightning Tutorial   TOW-3: Chains & Metallics TOW-4: Shading faces TOW-5: Depicting Velocity TOW-6: How to Draw Fast TOW-7: How to Draw Blood TOW-7+: How to Draw Vampire Bites TOW-8: Anatomy of a Pose TOW-9: Easy Coloring TOW-10: Drawing Faces VT 11: Advanced Blur Techniques (with video) VT 12: Cell Shading (with video)

Video Tutorials… VT2: Lightning brush… VT11: Advanced Blur Techniques… VT12: Cell Shading… VT 13: Drawing a Male Face… VT14: How I Draw Backgrounds
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spellwing777's avatar
Holy shit this is a lot of very useful stuff! Thank you for posting this!
Maora-Hikaru's avatar
thank you so much! its huges help me
theghostsaint21's avatar
Would you do a tutorial of drawing a muzzle on pets? Im having trouble with that sort of stuff.
waterystar's avatar
I agree. I like how I can apply this to traditional drawing as well as the intended use.
LadyScoora's avatar
Yeeah this is a really great tutorial! I like it even more because they are easy to do traditionally too :)
ShaozChampion's avatar
really great tutorial ^^ I look forward to learning more from ya =3
very helpful, thank :)
watanukikun's avatar
Those are cool techniques! Thanks :D
ChaosBetween's avatar
Is helpful!  Need all the help I can get.  Every little thing can help us improve!  :thumbsup:
verticalfish's avatar
XD Glad it helps!
Erendwel's avatar
Awesome *o* right when i was thinking to start drawing backgroung, i feel like this will be very helpful *o*

Thanks \o/
UkimiHazumi's avatar
Very helpful thank you
verticalfish's avatar
TheStoryTellerMaiden's avatar
I find your tutorials very helpful, and very easy, and I think my art is improving!!! :D You're my go-to person when I need to know how to do something. Keep up the fabulous work! 
verticalfish's avatar
Thanks. Glad I could be of help!
HopeSwings777's avatar
Hey, this is very cool! Thanks for posting it!
verticalfish's avatar
Fandom-Person's avatar
verticalfish's avatar
haha I'm glad it helps!
Cool7days's avatar
Dace-X's avatar
This is awesome! Simple and easy to follow, this is the first how-to-draw tutorial I actually feel I can do.
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