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VT12 - Cell Shading (with video)

EDIT: seems the video was uploaded as private - this has been fixed.

Another quick tutorial on cell shading. Hope it's useful to you.
Watch the video here:…

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Video Tutorials… VT2: Lightning brush… VT11: Advanced Blur Techniques
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I really appreciate tutorials like these : simple, usable with any solftware, and yet quite effective. :)
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This is very well explained and easy to follow! Coloring things is not one of my fave things to do, but it looks fun, and the way you've presented it here makes it look doable (even for me, ha ha). Definitely will have to attempt to try it sometime. Thanks for making. :)
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Thanks for this tutorial! I've never attempted true cell-shading before. I followed this pretty closely last night and I was thrilled with the results!

Even though I've been messing around in PS 7.0 for like seven years, I still learned some new stuff!

Can't thank you enough!


(I used it here… if you could offer any insight for improvement...)

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Awesome! I like her hairstyle, and especially the tattoos and the gun with gun-smoke.

The only possible thing I could suggest would be to experiment with the same line-art using different light sources producing different shading.
I did a tutorial on that too =] -->
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Thank you very much for taking the time to have a look!

I find figuring out shading for light sources pretty hard actually (it probably shows in my work haha!)

I'll definately check it out.

Thanks again for the help!

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can i ask what is your tools for coloring and shading???
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Paint Tool Sai, just the brush and eraser :D
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DAAAYYYMMNN!! You have made alot of Tutorials sofar...more than i can say for some others....they all seem so usegfull....

hopeflly they will ease my comic or other art production :)
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Glad to be of service!
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glad to have watched someone like ya :)
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nice will add to both my favorites
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xD Glad it helps!
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<3 an awesome tutorial as usual. :)
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