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The Making of Lindbergh

Hey guys, I haven't done a tutorial in a while, so I figured I might as well put up the method I've created for drawing my tablet webcomic, Lindbergh.

If you're interested, you can read it here:
On DA : [link]
On Smackjeeves : [link]

And If you want more tutorials,
Traditional + photoshop tutorial: [link]
Quick Background tutorial : [link]
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kree7's avatar
i really like the shadows on it. nice work
verticalfish's avatar
Memiko-chan's avatar
amg, thank you so much this tutorial! :iconsupertighthugplz:
this really clears a lot of things up for me :)
verticalfish's avatar
No problem! Check out my other tutorials if you want!
Gilthoniel-Elensar's avatar
It's a truely amazing comic!! :D
I read it as far as I could right now an I wanna read MOOOOOORRREEEE!!!! @.@
verticalfish's avatar
XD If you want more, I also run a comic called The Sixth Bar, and I have 16 chapters done so far.
Gilthoniel-Elensar's avatar
awesome :D

where can I find it??
Gilthoniel-Elensar's avatar
I'm at chapter 10 right now..
didn't notice the time ^^; (where I live it's 2.00AM)

Guess I must be going to sleep right now ^^;

By the way::D I think it's a very well written comic =)
I actually didn't want to stop reading it TT.TT

It's really awesome and I hope you will continue writing it :D
SarahLaDuchesse's avatar
I ended up just skimming down and looking at square-head's "boob" face over and over again xD
verticalfish's avatar
ahaha! Yeah, he's a lecher at heart.
CreaNyu's avatar
Thanks so much for the great tutorial~ :iconnyulol:
Cammaster1's avatar
This is pretty amazing man!
verticalfish's avatar
thanks. I'm also gonna make a tutorial on quick and easy special effects.
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