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TOW-9 Easy Coloring

Woohoo! Finally done!
This week's tutorial, as requested by :iconmayelv: explains the process I use for coloring. The artwork took a while to do because of all the detail! Hope you enjoy!

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I'M TRYING THIS OUT RIGHT NOW. I was having soooo much trouble with the colouring on tablet. This will help soooo much...
*stops and listens* wait a second...
nooooo I have to go eat T_T well I guess it'll wait after dinner...
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My way of coloring has changed dramatically since I made this. I should do a new tutorial.
But before that I should probably do some color pictures to celebrate 800 pages of Hinata.
Fractoluminescence's avatar
Ok, here I go... New picture...
Prakorimas's avatar
Outstanding tutorials! First Prize Winner  

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
NehanShoja's avatar
That is astounding...
I really hope I can one day get this good, I've been practicing hard >_<
And yes, I think I WILL check out your comics!

(Thanks for the tutorial! It is now bookmarked in my "Learnin' Facts" folder.)
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Amazing work! Keep it up!
AuroraArt's avatar
You're very welcome!

Sorry for the late reply. ^^;
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Huh. It didn't occur to me to color separate light sources... separately. o_o

Thanks for sharing. I'll try this one day.
verticalfish's avatar
xD Glad you like.
keitone's avatar
Thank you so much for all these awesome tutorials...This was awesome!!XD 
verticalfish's avatar
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You make great, helpful, easy to follow tutorials! Thanks a lot for putting them up!
verticalfish's avatar
No problem! Glad you like!
Wow, I've been doing coloring and shading the hard way... I was doing all of my shading like you do your eyes only I was going two or three steps darker and lighter instead of the one step with your eyes. This tutorial made me facepalm more than once and I can't wait until I finish my current lineart project to try this out. Speaking of lineart, I've seen mention of a lineart tutorial that you keep meaning to do, I can't wait for that to happen so I can see what I can do to improve that aspect as well. Thank you very much for sharing this.
verticalfish's avatar
No problem! And I'm working on that lineart tutorial. Hopefully I can add alongside video tutorial with that one!
A video that went along with it would be amazing, I like the layout above but sometimes it's just so much easier to absorb when you actually see it happen. Regardless of actually doing a video with it or not, thank you very much for the effort in improving the community, keep up the great work.
verticalfish's avatar
No problem! I'm glad it helps.
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Is the best tutorial I have seen ever, although I don't understand completely, casually you don't have it in a video? :D
verticalfish's avatar
Charjake08's avatar
Oh... well... Thanks anyway :aww:
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