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TOW-7+ How to Draw Vampire Bites

This popped up in my head when :iconumeko: suggested that I draw a tutorial on how to draw a vampire biting someone. I figured since this week was blood week ([link]), I might as well stick this on as a corollary tutorial for this week's theme! Hope you enjoy~

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DragonsFlyAtSunset's avatar
This is so helpful! I've been fighting a sketch of this pose all afternoon! My only reference was of someone being bitten on the shoulder (which is a completely different pose) and i was struggling to work out how to adapt it. After looking up various things on deviantart i came across this tutorial and so hopefully i can finish drawing my two OCs without further stress!

This tutorial (and your other tutorial on drawing blood) will probably help me a lot as i am planning an original story with Vampires in it (one of them is a main character) so i could end up drawing this quite a lot!
DragonsFlyAtSunset's avatar
I finally finished that illustration! Vampire Bite by DragonsFlyAtSunset  
YellowLuckyPig's avatar
do you glasses on vampires?
PuzzleChu's avatar
wow that actually helps alot thanks!
Infernal-Arms's avatar
...The irony in my friend and I having come up with a vampire AU just a few days ago before I found this is nothing short of astounding.  I can see that I'll be making use of this.
AHathaway97's avatar
This is actually really helpful. I'll certainly use this for reference one of these days. Thanks for making this!
J-ko's avatar
Really helpful about where to position the body, but the carotid artery sketch is the best! I LOLed! XD
Joyce1904's avatar
Lol when i saw this i was like "Youre the best artist eva!" And then i thought about needles........ im scared of blood and needles >\\\\<

Beef-Ramen's avatar
This is greaattt x_x
verticalfish's avatar
xD glad you like
Whitelili123's avatar
This is great thanky you. :)
verticalfish's avatar
NP I may draw an update with more feminine looking characters lol
Whitelili123's avatar
That's cool and the female character you used is actually beautiful. ^^
Whitelili123's avatar
Your welcome verticalfish-kun. ^^
Suhanaa's avatar
wow.. i dont know which line i need to follow.. omg.;
RebornedFantasy's avatar
too many lines *_* couldn't keep up
KaitoShion95's avatar
greatness achieved! I am a dummy! 
Scootie-chan's avatar
This is fantastic~<333
I was looking for tutorials on biting necks, and you won't believe how few they actually have. ><
Thank you so very much~ TwT
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