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TOW-5 Depicting Velocity

Here's the tutorial of the week. This week's topic - making things look like they are going really fast!

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Thanks so much. This was very useful <3
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I've been after a tutorial to help me express motion better, and I had almost given up hope until I found this. Thanks so much for sharing!
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I just stumbled upon you while looking for motions effect and ''speed effect'' I really love this tutorial, it was a brilliant idea to copy the lineart layers to make this effect, I usually just used the smudge tool on the lineart and the shadows, but it often looked disastrous.

I think I just found the best tutorials on the same DA account to help me get set on digital drawing man, thanks a lot ^^
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Glad you find them helpful! Good luck in your endeavors!
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I don't know what you tried to draw, but to me, it's like the person is punching.
The first drawing looks right (top left) but the one where the tutorial is all about (top right and the rest) looks pretty wrong to me.
You should try punching in the air and look at your hands and arms and you will notice the NO ONES punches like that.
Still, good tutorial.
verticalfish's avatar
You're talking about a straight (the way most people would think about punching.)
Neither of the punches depicted in the tutorial are straights.
The tutorial is about a hook, followed by a person stepping forward for a jab (not even throwing a punch but moving forward with a bent arm.)
But thanks for the input!
Phantom-of-Malice's avatar
Wow, lovely tutorial! Very useful, I'll be sure to try it out ^^
Phantom-of-Malice's avatar
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i came across this tutorial awhile back but i was in a rush and didnt get a chance to fav it just took me an hour to find it gonna finally try this out
DSJake's avatar
thanx for the great tutorial!
NinjaToast23's avatar
cool, ill test this stuff out when i have a tablet to use :)
verticalfish's avatar
IceFlame1019's avatar
I'm glad I stumbled across your tutorials, this one gave me that one little flair I felt was missing from the page I was working on.
result looks way better than the original sketch.
Thanks for posting these!
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soooo i had read this the other day and i had a pic that wasnt finsihed cause i didnt know how to make it look more... more. i read up on your lighting background, and even though i didnt make it look like that, i did something like that, then i read up on this tutorial... and well...


how do you think it turned out? (it was from a contest i had entered a few months back... I just never got to finish this particular entry.)
verticalfish's avatar
Cool! Nicely done. You used digital blurring right?
ninjassinwolf's avatar
yeah, you dont happen to know how to motion blur in one direction by any chance do you? i know on another program called gimp (dunno if you heard of it or not) i believe what im looking for is 'wind' or something. Not sure if photoshop has it or not...
verticalfish's avatar
OH yeah. Go to filter > blur > motion blur, and spin the wheel around to choose the direction.
ninjassinwolf's avatar
but that goes both directions... (i used that for that one piccy.) likeeee.... it blurs < and > so <|> i want just like... <| or just |>
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