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TOW-3 Drawing Chains and Metallics

This week's tutorial is on something I took a long time to get right (or at least good enough that I was satisfied with it) - how to draw chains & metallic surfaces! I learned this just from reading and absorbing the techniques of different illustrators, as there aren't that many tutorials about esoteric topics like this around.

Sorry I missed last week's TOW. I was overworked! I'll make it up though - I'll do another TOW this week to catch up.

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...and while you're at it, check out my comics!

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At last, Thank you! I was looking for a tutorial like this! It's clear, easy to understand, and quite detailed.
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Ooooh thank you so much [Icon#8]: Umaru Doma 
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Finally a tutorial on how to draw chains! Thank you, this is going to be very helpful! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
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so cool! gotta practice this too! OTL
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Really helpful. I always had trouble with linked metals. Thanks! :D
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Btw, I checked out your Background tutorial vid. It made me think about getting 3D rendering software since I like to nitpick on detail. lol

Anyhow, I just have one question. I noticed that you construct your panels on SAI. Do you do it manually by drawing individual lines per page or do you have a tool that places panels there? I can think of a few other ways you could've done it but I just want to be sure since you seem to be pretty fast when making these.
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I draw individual lines per page. I start of with a blank document that has a rectangular black border about 100 pixels wide, then I use the shift key with the brush tool to draw straight lines for panel divisions with a brush of about 20 px. diameter.
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I love this! thanks!
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Thanks a Lot :bow:
Divine-Angel-Heroine's avatar
wow all of your tutorials helped me understand better through those simple steps you've demonstrated! Thanks for all of your tutorials.
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great tutorial! :heart:
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Again thanks for this tutorial. lovely. :)
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No problem, glad you like it!
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So helpful! I have been looking for a way to draw metal effectively for a long time. Thank you for this tutorial :)
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Your tutorials have helped me so much with my comic! Thank you!
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