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TOW-1: Photoshop Motion Lines Tutorial

It's been a while since I did a tutorial! I had some time so I figured I might as well make a new motion lines brush, and while I was doing that, I decided to make a tutorial on it.

I might do tutorials on more interesting things like lightning and glow effects, and advanced zoom techniques later.

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This is very helpful thank you! ^_^
DragonusPrime's avatar
hmm, very interesting. I have seen/tried other techniques for making motion lines and this(in a recent test) has proven to be one of the easiest I have found yet.

keep up the awesome work :)
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How fortuitous that I stumble across these right after fussing about these very issues last night for my next comic page. Pose anatomy, focus/speed lines, and velocity.
How did I not find these before? ;_;

Up until now I've been experimenting with GIMP's "Line Nova" function, but the lines are too uniform. This should make it so much easier! xD;
Now I just need to find how big GIMP's max brush size is...

With all the detail in your comic pages, I can't help but ask, about how long does it take you to do a page? From sketch to final?
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It varies greatly depending on what I'm drawing, how many panels, where the scene is (background wise), and if it is a 2-page spread. Also, I tend to draw 2 pages at once because it's faster for me that way. That being said, I'd say the fastest I can go with my current style is maybe a page per 3-4 hours (a double page every 6-8 hours, that is).
IceFlame1019's avatar
.....holy crap ._. that's FAST
I wish I had the time to sit down and practice and hone my skill, it takes me like...a day to get a sketch looking decent, and then another day or two to line and shade it.
verticalfish's avatar
Yeah, I've had 2 years to refine my method, so I've gotten pretty fast.
ImaginationStudio's avatar
>_> I get it now.

I recently read "the breaker" and found it inspiring.

Except it uses this trick alot instead of bothering to use detial for the surrouding area.
CoolestNinja1242's avatar
the line disappears every time I try to put it down...would you know how to fix that?
verticalfish's avatar
Make sure you're using black as foreground color and not white. If that's not it, tell me in detail what is happening and I'll try to figure it out.
CoolestNinja1242's avatar
And I must be really stupid because that was it. Thanks
verticalfish's avatar
XDD It happens to everyone sometimes!
rottenbookworm's avatar
I was trying to make speedlines myself with photoshop, but I somehow thought ways to difficult as I see now. ^^;
Great tutorial, seriously. (°w°)=b
Buho01's avatar
Great, I sure use it
Neverstatic's avatar
You are awesome. :squee:
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