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SFX in PSCS: Blurring

I'm starting my special effects in Photoshop CS tutorials.
This week's tutorial is on blurring.
Next week's tutorial is on shine effects and lightning.

Check out my other tutorials:

Background Perspective: [link]
Digital Editing of traditional media: [link]
Webcomic Process for Tablet: [link]

Check out my webcomics!

The Sixth Bar:[link]
Lindbergh: [link]
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I've seen some of your comics, showing characters, backgrounds and comic panel placement. It's official, I will learn from you.
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Mind boggling how you have tutorials like this, and yet so little views and comments!
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Yeah, the earlier ones got little notice. But the newer ones are pretty popular. My last one got like 6,800 views in just 2 days! Nonetheless, I'm glad you appreciate the earlier ones!
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awww c: im glad youre getting seen!
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Whoa, update, looks like I hadn't refreshed the page when I said 6800. It actually got 10,000 views. I don't know how this is happening... people seem to love blood, because my last tutorial only made 2800 views. But, who am I to question it? I'm just glad people are viewing and that my tutorials can be of use!
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So happy for you! And yeah your tutorials are very useful and well stated ^^
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Good! I'm glad to be of service. If you ever are trying to find a tutorial on an obscure topic and can't find one, send me a suggestion and I'll make one!
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We over at #MangaCreators have removed our sub-folder this piece was in and encourage you to submit it to our sister group #Manga-Apps.

Thanks for yours continued supprort of us. :heart:
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