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Amy kissing Sonic Stamp


Go get him Amy! :dance:

From Sonic X episode 58. Gotta love how in the Japanese version, Sonic says "No more kiss! No more kiss!" So funny XD.
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he's shy. eggman kidnaps amy because  he knows amy is sonic's other weakness.
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"No more kiss! No more!"

That part was funny.

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awww ^^ sonic kiss her too you jerk!!!!
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It's like Pucca and Garu all over again! :D
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To me Amy seems to desperate for Sonic, I don't get why she doesn't just leave him alone, which is why I hate Amy eve

//Now watch as I get hate just as the last guy did for saying he hates Amy.
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It's 2018 and I still see no hate fam
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it's for comedy.. stop taking it too seriously, it's not genuine romance
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Who ever said I was taking it to seriously. 
I know it's not genuine. 
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Amy's Face: :D (Big Grin) 
Sonic's Face: DX 
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awwwwwwww, so cute :3 i loved that scene ^w^
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Amy : SONIC * kisses Sonic*
Sonic : AH ! No more kiss No more kiss !!
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if you squint, it looks like Amy is doing something else 
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Okay then...

See the sadness of Tails


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I know right it is so sad
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